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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Object of My Affection

I watch too much TV. This might not necessarily be a bad thing, but my love for the idiot box seems to be taking over my life. Case and point: I constantly put off hanging out with one of my best friends because I don't want to miss American Idol. Since it's on two, sometimes three nights a week, I don't have much free time. Sorry, Nick.

I recently left my job in New York City and moved back home with Mom and Dad. I went from an exciting, busy, grown-up life to Colchester - a town with very few streetlights and too many cows. With little to do and most of my friends miles away, my parents HD-TV quickly became the object of my affection.

Unfortunately, sometimes my addiction causes me a great deal of stress. This is unusual because I don't often get stressed out. I remain cool in hectic situations, but when Obama schedules a press conference on a Tuesday night so Fox has to air American Idol on Wednesday - the SAME TIME LOST IS ON - I freak out. The nerve of the president! Upon realizing that American Idol and LOST were overlapping tonight, I panicked. Of course I can DVR them, but which one do I watch first?! Should I watch American Idol and then LOST? Should I start American Idol, switch to LOST at 9 and then finish Idol when LOST is over? How do I work this out?!

Thankfully, my Mom shares my pain. The TV addiction must be genetic. We thoroughly discussed the matter and decided to watch American Idol first and then LOST. That way, we have enough time to cast our votes because you CANNOT watch Idol and not call in for your favorite performers. (Mom's rule.)

I'm not proud of myself for being so consumed with Season 8 of America's favorite show, but I can't help myself. You know you love it just the same. Admit it! Release your inner Paula Abdul, people.

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