I think we're at our best by the flicker by the light of the TV set.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Total Eclipse of My Heart

Everyone has their guilty pleasures. Mine consist of American Idol, The O.C. (yes, I still watch it on Soap Net) and the Twilight Saga. I hate that I like it. Acutally, I don't think I even like it. I love to hate it. It's cheesy and ridiculous. The books are pathetically written, a sad attempt at literature. The acting at times is painful to watch, especially when Kristen Stewart mumbles every line. I'm too old to be interested, to be staying up so late to attend the midnight screening tonight, but peer pressure, curiosity and an undeniable crush on that damn Robert Pattinson lured me in.

I'm so excited to see this stupid movie and I'm so embarrassed at how excited I am. I'm fully aware of how seriosuly uncool this makes me. So be it. My ticket was purchased two months ago - the day the advanced tickets went on sale at the local theater. At least I'll be in the company of fellow Twi-hards including my sis, my cousin, my bff and a few Team Edward junkies from work, not to mention four movie theaters full of screaming adolescent girls adorned in Twilight paraphernalia. I'll be wearing my "Every girl needs her vampire" tee while swooning over Jacob's abs and Edward's sultry stare. I may or may not squeal when that teen vamp first appears on screen. I'll love it and I'll hate it and I'll tell everyone tomorrow how silly those Twilight fans are, pretending I don't care. But I do. I hate that I do.

Happy Birthday, J! 'Project Runway' Returns July 29th

Heidi Klum just made me way more excited for my upcoming birthday.

A new group of designers will make a mad dash through Mood starting Thursday, July 29th when Project Runway season eight returns to Lifetime. Yippee! I've been waiting for news of season eight since Seth Aaron kicked Emilio and Mila's asses last spring!

Not only does the show premiere on my birthday, Heidi's got another alteration (hehehe!) up her sleeve. Fans are going to see more action this time around. The show has been extended an extra 30 minutes. Naysayers be damned! No need to complain about not seeing enough of the finished garments, designer drama or snide Nina comments. There will be plenty of extra time to focus in on the good stuff.

I might have been opposed to the idea if the show wasn't debuting in July. An hour and a half is a long time to watch one show. However, despite my mild TV addiction, there's nothing clogging my DVR on Thursday nights in the summer. I don't have to worry about Runway overlapping with 30 Rock, The Office, or The Mentalist. All I have to worry about is Runway and 90 minutes of sewing bliss!

In case you missed it, Marie Claire featured a spread of last season's punk rock daddy winner, Seth Aaron, in their most recent issue on stands now. For more on the tattooed designer, click on the pic of him and his winning model, Kristina, below.

Now please go set your DVR. July 29th. 9pm. Lifetime.

Monday, June 28, 2010

"He wanted to live life to the extreme, but without any mess or complications. He wanted to live life in such a way that if a photograph were taken at random, it would be a cool photograph. Things should look right. Fun; there should be a lot of fun and no more sandness than absolutely necessary."
- One Day

Introducing Alcide Herveaux

Let's give a round of applause to the True Blood casting director for choosing the delectable Joe Manganiello to play Alcide Herveaux, Sookie Stackhouse's season three werewolf protector.

120883_true-bloods-joe-manganiello-seen-sporting-some-serious-abs by True Blood Spanish.

My hopes were high that the actor chosen to portray the werewolf would fulfill the significant role created by author of the book series, Charlaine Harris. Despite my love for Mr. Northman and my undying desire for him and Sookie to GET IT ON, after last night's introduction of the heartbroken werewolf with the dark hair and pretty eyes, I'm ok with him wooing Sookie while Bill's missing (and Eric's off buying expensive cars for Lafayette).

While reading Harris' books I was never fully convinced that Sookie should have the hots for Alcide. I was far too distracted by Eric and physically shaking with irritation that she didn't jump his dead bones the minute Bill disappeared. Her whining about him being gone is so annoying, isn't it? What do you want with that silly vampire when there's a gorgeous dead Viking begging you to invite him into your home so he can have "passionate, primal sex" with you? Get it together, Ms. Stackhouse!

I was hoping the Alcide on the show would have a different effect on me and by golly did he ever. Tall, dark, handsome, warm-blooded and very much alive and capable of basking in sunlight with Sookie, he's going to be a fair match for that Viking love of my life. Hate to spoil the fun, but if you watched last night's ep, you know Sookie and Alcide have chemistry.  The wolf - whose daddy has a debt to pay with Eric - has been assigned to keep Sookie safe while accompanying her to Mississippi to find Bill, who has been kidnapped by the nerdy, homosexual vampire king.

Sookie is going to develop the "Bella Swan New Moon syndrome." It goes a little something like this:  in the absence of her vampire boyfriend, the damsel finds herself in the company of a big, warm, cuddly werewolf hunk and suddenly all she wants is to be wrapped in his arms. Suddenly the idea of someone to wake up next to, a guy who will make you blueberry pancakes for breakfast, a guy whose heart beats, who isn't immortal, who she could share an actual life with – biting not included – sounds really appealing. Yes, he might howl at the moon and turn into a ferocious beast every once in awhile, but so what?

At this point I'm just anxious to see my girl Sookie get it on with anyone other than that doodle dud, Bill. I'm also anxious to see Alcide without a shirt on. Oh, True Blood, summer would be so dull without you.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glam Nation Tour Bombarded By Cougars

Before I left the house yesterday on my way to New York to see Adam Lambert I told my mom I was going to get into a fight. I looked like a hot mess even before entering the heat and humidity consuming Manhattan. With destination: Glam Nation Tour in mind, I decided to go for a "Glamtastic Tranny Hooker" look and I think I pulled it off quite well. I wore my homemade studded denim vest a tight, short, sequined, leopard print dress, my black leather, studded gladiator sandals and black heart-shaped earrings - (one said "bitten," the other said "smitten"). My hair was teased out into a curly, poofy, wild woman mess and I had my makeup expertly done at Sephora right before the concert. More on that later. 

I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that tickets to the show were my treat to my recently college graduated sister. She was my partner in crime for the evening and I couldn't have asked for a better companion. We arrived in the city in the late afternoon with plenty of time to suck down a few frozen margaritas before we showed off our outfits to Adam at the Nokia Theater. One hour and four margaritas later, my sister and I were basically trashed - she more so than me. I don't know how it happened. Well, I guess we can blame the tequila - it just happened so fast.

The plan was to get our makeup done at Sephora before the show, so we stumbled our way there. Regardless of the fact that we were drunk and could hardly see straight, we aren't that skilled when it comes to makeup. We were sure we could convince the Sephora employees to help us. Drunk sis, who had a mild breakdown (which she couldn't recall later in the evening) on the eight block walk to the makeup headquarters, went right up to to one of the employees (who was just standing there, doing nothing) and slurred, "Hi! MysisterandIaregoingtotheAdamLambertconcertandwewantourmakeupdonelikeAdamLambert." She should have went with, "Hi, I'm looking for a great smokey eye. Can you show me how to do that?" because the woman looked at her like she was...well, a drunken mess and told her she couldn't do her makeup unless she bought $50 worth of cosmetics first.

 Pissed off as ever, Julie stomped away, grabbed a few disposable makeup brushes and proceeded to put every shade of purple and blue sparkly eye shadow on her eyelids. After five minutes, the girl had shadow down to her cheekbones - not exactly the look she was going for. Luckily, the employee pitied her - or so we think. Julie doesn't remember how she ended up seated in the makeup chair getting her face done up. Pretty soon, Julie had perfect purple shadow from lash-line to brow, accented by a white eyeliner on bottom and a winged black liner on top. It looked marvelous. As I stood there watching, fascinated, the makeup artist (who claimed she just did the makeup on the Glee tour!) asked me if I wanted mine done, too. Well, yeah since you're being so nice and since you probably powdered Finn's face! She gave me a gold smokey eye to match my lioness dress and it completed my look. Sis and I each (drunkenly) purchased a $20 eyeshadow so we wouldn't feel so guilty and beelined it to the show.

Sadly we missed Allison Iraheta, but arrived just in time to see Orianthi. I couldn't understand a thing she sang, but she looked cool in head to toe black leather and her Australian accent is just darling. Orianthi finished and while we impatiently awaited Glambert's arrival, sis and I contemplated leaving. It was SO HOT in that theater and our margaritas were not sitting well in our stomachs. We probably would have chopped off our left feet for a bottle of water. To top it all off, fellow concertgoers kept trying to fight us. Most of these angry concertgoers were cougars - aka 50-year-old women looking for a piece of Lambert ass. Apparently, no one informed them that Adam swings the other way. During his time on Idol the cougar thing was kind of funny. Not the case anymore. It's just stupid and gross and annoying as hell. Needless to say, the cougars and I did not get along. More than one of them tapped me on the shoulder or shoved me, trying to get my attention because I was in there way or something. Sorry that I'm 6-feet-tall. I didn't wear heels for your benefit (even though they would have seriously topped off my tranny hooker look), so don't be mad at me for something I can't control. If a spot in the crowd in front of me opened up, drunk sis and I eagerly stepped forward, itching to get as close to the stage as possible. No cougars were stopping this fan. 

Now, the Nokia Theater in Times Square is standing room only, which is part of the reason we chose to see Adam at that venue. I didn't want to be sitting in some stupid arena. I wanted to be on my feet dancing like a fool. Unfortunately, I was the only one with such intentions. NO ONE MOVED. HOW do you go to an Adam Lambert concert and not jump up and down as he struts across the stage mere feet in front of you singing "Fever" (the Stephanie Germanotta - aka LADY GAGA - penned tune), opening his mouth wide and hanging his tongue out at the end of every flawlessly fabulous note? HOW?! I'm looking at you, you crazy cougars. How dare you try and pick a fight with me - me! - the only one dancing! I couldn't keep my feet in one place.
I've never been to rave, but I imagine it would be a lot like an Adam Lambert concert plus a whole lotta drugs. Dance music with a thumping techno beat, flashing multi-colored laser beams pulsating over the crowd, fog machines filling the room with a cool, misty haze...BUT NO ONE WAS DANCING. During "If I Had You" I wished I was on drugs because then I probably wouldn't have minded the paralyzed duds surrounding me. My jumping and jiving led to a lot of accidental (and impossible to avoid) bumping and shoving, which made the cougars that much angrier. I ignored them because that's what Adam would have wanted. After all, he was telling me to "Get on the floor, just let it drop, Don't it feel good, don't it feel hot, Feel the fire within..." I didn't come all that way to ignore him.

Unfortunately ill-tempered cougars aside, Adam's performance was stellar. It's easy to see how he almost won Idol. His charisma and natural stardom is undeniable. During the course of his 14-song performance, he dazzled in an array of hats and floor length pimp coats, pompadour fully pomp'd, mischievous smile spread wide across his handsome face. He mixed ballads and dance grooves from his debut album with unique versions of the songs that made him famous on Idol. The best one? He ended the show with a slower, almost serene version of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" - my absolute favorite Adam Idol performance and therefore, the perfect way to end the night, especially because it was followed by this:

That's my sis in the arms of a Spanish Spidey in what he calls his "rescue pose". Like I said, she was an excellent - and highly entertaining- companion.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

R.Patz and the World Cup

If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting robertisbothered.com and viewing Jimmy Fallon's collection of video's mocking everyone's favorite Cullen, Robert Pattinson, please do so now. Make sure you watch the one that includes the actual Robert Pattinson.

Here's the latest edition. Robert is bothered by the World Cup. Ole!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Do it in the daytime with the D-O-double-G

Someone order me a gin and juice at Merlotte's now.

I can't decide if this is the best or worst thing I've ever seen. I think I hate it. Can someone please explain the point of this video to me? Please?! Since when is Snoop Dogg a Sookie Stackhouse fan? Whose idea was this? Is he on V? Is HBO on V? Can I have some V?!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

In Pam's Words: S3E2

"I think about crying children with soggy diapers. 
And maggots."

- Pam to Jessica when asked how she stops herself from sucking 
someones blood before draining them entirely

Friday, June 18, 2010

Backstreet's Back, Playing Games With My Heart

When I told my best friend I had tickets to see the Backstreet Boys he asked, "Are they even relevant anymore?!" 

If you read my blog, you know I had a similar reaction upon being invited to attend this concert.

Perhaps the answer to my BFF's question is no, perhaps the Backstreet Boys are not relevant anymore. Perhaps most of us have moved on. The boy bands and pop music of the '90s and early '00s are mere memories of a distant past. For me, however, the Backstreet Boys will always be relevant. It's sad but true and I probably wouldn't have confessed this before the concert, partially because I didn't realize it was indeed true, but after watching them sing "Quit Playing Games with My Heart" (followed immediately by "As Long As You Love Me" *swoon*) something in me was re-born and I cannot deny my BSB devotion. This love is everlasting. I can't believe I just typed that.

Every female can relate. We've all had a boy band experience at one point - whether it be The Beatles, New Kids on the Block, NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys. Their songs, faces and smiles are imprinted on our hearts for eternity. It might be safe to assume Nick Carter was the first boy I ever loved. Things like this stay with a girl.

The Backstreet Boys entered my life at a pivotal time. I was 11-years-old. If memory serves me right, MTV's Total Request Live had just begun and BSB was all over it. My sister and I shared a VHS tape that we used to record music videos of our favorite boy bands (how ancient!). It started with the video for "Everybody" (fan comments scrolling across the bottom of the screen included!) I must have viewed it a thousand times.

So imagine the overwhelming rush of nostalgia that hit me like a slap in the face when these four guys who wooed me all those years ago appeared on stage and belted out "Everybody". Lucky enough to have landed floor seats eight rows back from the stage (my job rocks sometimes!), I was in the midst of a pit of women with their hands in the air singing, dancing and SCREAMING louder and louder every time one of the four remaining Boys thrust their pelvis.

I went back in time. I was suddenly 11-years-old again at my very first concert, BSB's first world tour. And without the slightest bit of shame I joined the mass of frenzied BSB fans. I threw my hands in the air, danced, sang and screamed when Nick Carter grabbed his junk. Lyrics to each of the songs that I hadn't heard in years spilled out of my mouth like glittery, poptastic, boy band puke. And I loved it. I knew every word to every song they sang, which included mostly the classics - "The Call," "Larger Than Life," "I Want it That Way," "If You Want it to Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy)," "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely," "We've Got it Goin' On," "The One," and "I'll Never Break Your Heart" (which for years I wholeheartedly envisioned as my future wedding song).

Boy band mockery aside, they guys really did put on a good show. Despite their age and ridiculously cheesy female back-up dancers, they looked better than I've seen them in years. They sang flawlessly, their dance moves were actually enjoyable - age appropriate and not too over the top - and they seemed to be having a blast, thanking the crowd of thousands for being the best fans they could ask for during their 17-year existence. And folks, Nick Carter's still got it. His voice was less whiny than I remember, he's definitely lost weight (remember his fatty stage), and while I could do without his baggy, bleached jeans and gi-normous ego, he's the same adorable teeny bopper I fell in love with back in 1998.

After all that complaining about being suckered into purchasing a ticket, I feel refreshed, renewed, like an important chunk of my heart and soul has been replaced. The Backstreet Boys forced me to recognize some things about myself that I tried to ignore. Once a Backstreet Boy fan, always a Backstreet Boy fan. Thanks, guys. I needed that.

Uncle Jesse Joins Glee

It's been over a week since the Glee season finale, so surely by now you've watched it and know Miss Pillsbury is seeing someone and surely you gasped and were as disappointed as Mr. Schuester was when you found out, right? Sadly, Emma has found another man while Will was off making whoopee with glee club coaches and Kristin Chenoweth. You snooze, you lose, Schuester! And this time, you're losing bad.

Looks like the New Directions coach has tough competition coming his way next season. John Stamos has signed on to play the recurring role of Emma's new dentist beau. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Former Jesse and the Rippers star will woo the germaphobe guidance counselor.

I am in LOVE with this news. Glee could not have come up with a better addition to this already fantastic show. I can't wait until Uncle Jesse and Will Schuester have a sing off! 
I leave you with this...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eric & Sue: Tracksuit Duo

I hate to poke fun at my beloved viking vampire, Eric Northman, but I cannot resist. This is just a simple observation.

While refreshing my blood sucking loving brain on season two of True Blood, I couldn't help but notice that sexy vampire's attire: a tracksuit. With that new haircut - a shorter 'do thanks to the blood he got in his hair while having an unplanned snack in the midst of Pam's dye job - he just so happens to resemble another of my favorite television villains, Glee's Sue Sylvester.

Am I right or am I right? Don't hate me, Eric. You wear your suit - and hair - a hell of a lot better than the Cheerios coach.

In case you forgot about Eric's highlighting mishap, here ya go...


Sunday, June 13, 2010

In Pam's Words: S3E1

You know I love True Blood. I especially love Pam. I adore her sarcasm and pink lipstick. From now on I'll be posting my favorite Pam line from each weeks new episode. Much thanks to whomever writes her genius lines.

"I don’t know what it is about me that makes people think I want to hear their problems. Maybe I smile too much. Maybe I wear too much pink. But please remember, I can rip your throat out if I need to. And also know, that I am not a hooker. That was a long, long time ago." 

- Pam to Lafayette when he complains to her about having to sell V for Eric


Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Not TV, It's HBO

Hello, my name is Jenny from the blog and I'm a proud subscriber of HBO. 

I begged asked my dad to order HBO and told him I would pay the difference in the cable bill. I am now a proud subscriber of HBO and owe my dad $10 a month. The sole purpose for subscribing to HBO is to watch True Blood live in HD. This helps ease the pain of my current small town life status. Thanks, dad. Now bring on the 13th and an explanation for the picture posted above!