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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Taylor Swift Releases Music Video for "Mine"

Do we love this?

Catching Up On 'My So-Called Life'

Most nights this past week, I have come home from work, put on my combat boots, and laid in bed (yes, wearing the boots) with my new MacBook. A few nights ago I discoverd the entire first (and only) season of My So-Called Life on Hulu. All 19 episodes! Right there! For me! Free to watch! I started watching in an attempt to defeat an interesting and unexplainable spurt of insomnia. And now I'm hooked. 

I love it. I love Claire Danes as Angela Chase. I totally relate to her, despite the fact that she's 15 and living in 1994. Whatever. I love her borderline rebellion and her dyed red hair and her love for Jordan Catalano. He is such a great leaner.

I swear it's the boots that lead me to the show. Since watching, I am more encouraged than ever to grunge out my style. However, it should be noted that I will never go so far as to wear red plaid boxer shorts over black leggings. I think it's safe to say that style is gone and it ain't ever coming back. My So-Called Life is all over-sized plaid collared shirts, denim vests, floral dresses that reach the ground and of course, plenty of combat boots. I guess I was too young during most of the '90s to recognize the insanity of the style. If anything, the show has decreased hostility I felt towards my mother for dressing me in the wretched outfits I'm wearing in old school portraits scattered throughout our house. It makes more sense now. Sorry for having doubted you, mom.

Check out Catalano's boots.
Perhaps I should have caught on to My So-Called Life a long time ago, but to be fair, I was only 8-years-old when the show aired. I've often heard rave reviews of it and I've seen it appear on lists of "Best Shows You Never Watched," but never had the opportunity to experience it's superb-ness for myself. Better late than never.

Last night during episode seven, I witnessed Jordan and Angela's first kiss. Well technically it was their second kiss, but that other first kiss didn't count. THIS ONE counts. It was so sweet and pretty and put the most adorable smile on Angela's face...not to mention mine. Young, grunged-out Jared Leto is just to die for.

After the kiss, Angela exists Jordan's car and watches him drive away. When he's out of sight, she performs a dance of giddiness on the sidewalk in her RED COMBAT BOOTS. THIS is when I knew I had been missing out on something truly fantastic.

I've never seen a better first kiss portrayal or after kiss reaction from a teen in a more perfect, more honest way. The scene is ranked high up there in my book. I'll catalog it right next to Seth and Summer's upside down Spiderman kiss in the rain.

If you would like to join in on the fun and catch up on what you've been missing, click here to watch for yourself.

08 -- Angela Chase
09 -- Jordan Catalano

Give me 'Vampire Diaries' Season Two

The generous folks over at Entertainment Weekly are giving away copies of The Vampire Diaries Season 1 on DVD. In order to be considered, all you have to do is go to EW's Facebook page and leave a comment, answering the question "Which Salvatore brother does Elena belong with and why?" Easy peasy.

I need to win. I love this damn show. If I win, I'll lend it to my sister. I need her to catch up so she is prepared when season two starts. I'd like to have someone to watch it with. I also never win any contests and winning this would surely make my day. 

This is what I wrote on EW's Facebook page:

DAMON SALVATORE. Elena belongs with Damon hands down. I have 3 reasons why: 1) Damon is officially the sexiest beast. Elena deserves the best; 2) Boone swoon. We have to take Ian Somerhalder's previous roles into consideration; 3) Damon Salvatore is like Ben & Jerry's Marsha-Marsha-Marshmallow on sale at Stop & Shop. Stefan is Hood low-fat vanilla - so blah.

The previous comments are just as boring as Stefan: "Elena belongs with Stefan because he's so sweet"... Elena belongs with Damon cuz he's sexy"..."Stefan, cuz they're meant to be." Booooorrrrrring. Get clever, people.

Wouldn't you say I deserve the prize?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Clap your HANDS if you're workin' too hard

The Ting Tings new single won't be released until October, but here's a sneak peek! Thank me later.

Rating the 20!0 Emmy's from 'Glee'-tastic Opener to 'LOST' Snubs

Last night's Emmy awards was a fantastical display of serious hilarity, happy successes and severe disappoints. Here's my take on the best and worst parts of the show...

BEST MOMENT: The opening

If you follow this blog, you can imagine my excitement during the opening of last night's event. Try and picture my face as the Glee-inspired parody dazzled my television screen. A mixture of shock and awe, tears of joy, and utter fascination took over. My long summer of Glee missin' deteriorated as my wildest dreams came true. It was like a culmination of everything I've ever written about on my blog/dedication to television brilliance.

Was it a mere fantasy? Did that really happen? How did Jimmy Fallon manage to convince all my favorite people from TV to sing and dance together? How did he know?! Pinch me!

The show started with Jimmy pulling up to the Emmy's in a Smart Car, obviously pumped (per usual. Doesn't he always seem to be pumped about life in general? It's part of why i adore him..) to be hosting the awards show. My excitement ignited when Jimmy stumbled upon a group of Gleeks - Rachel, Finn, Mercedes and Kurt - loitering outside the entrance to the theater. Jimmy asked them if they were going to the show and they said they couldn't afford it. Jimmy to the rescue! He spotted a flier for a glee club competition strategically posted on the wall behind them. The only problem? The competition required 10 members per team. All agreed the idea was brilliant and headed inside on a mission to recruit their club.

First addition? Tina Fey! With Tina's help they created the most amazing glee club imaginable including Jon Hamm and Joel McHale, but not Kate Gosselin. (I cannot believe she agreed to be dissed by Tina Fey like that.) While belting Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run", the pack ventured through the back of the theater, recruiting random members. Such random recruits included Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Diaries (who knew she could sing and dance!?), the dearly departed LOST's Hurley(!!) and, of course, Jane Lynch dressed as her track suited Sue Sylvester who, of course, slushied Tina and Jimmy before demanding she be included. COULD THIS HAVE BEEN ANY BETTER?!

I didn't think better was possible until the group made their way to the dressing room where none other than TIM GUNN helped Jimmy change into Springsteen garb - blue jeans, white t-shirt, red bandanna in is back pocket - advising him to "Make it work!" A TIM GUNN CAMEO! AMAZING!

With their make-shift glee club intact, Jimmy and his misfit crew - dressed in the same black and red outfits from the Glee season one finale! - bombarded the stage to conclude their Bruce tribute. Sparks burst above the stage and the crowd erupted in cheer while I jumped up and down in my living room, thanking God for Jimmy Fallon. Was this the best Emmy opener ever? Watch it here:

RUNNER UP BEST MOMENT: George Clooney on Modern Family

Clooney, who received the Bob Hope Humanitarian award, appeared in a parody with the cast and writer's of Modern Family as they discussed possibilities for the shows future. The most popular idea among the ladies of ABC's Emmy winning Modern Family was killing off Ty Burrell's character and replacing him with George. Check it:

BEST DRESSED: Lea Michelle, Glee
Nominated for Lead Actress in a Comedy

The birthday girl (happy 24th!) who was nominated for her first Emmy last night, looked stunning per usual. Has she ever appeared on a "what was she thinking?!" list? I think not. Her taste is as impeccable as her voice.

RUNNER UP BEST DRESSED: Claire Danes, Temple Grandin
Won for Lead Actress in a Made-for-TV Movie

Angela Chase can do no wrong...even as a blond. Congrats on the win, Ms. Danes.

HOTTEST MESS: January Jones, Mad Men
Nominated for Lead Actress in a Drama

This looks like it belonged on the Project Runway catwalk at the end of the party store challenge from a few weeks ago. What's this thing made of? Painted coffee filters? Oh, I'm sorry, they're cocktail umbrellas, right? Don't even get me started on that atrociously wind-blown hairdo.

Won for Best Lead Actress in a Drama

It's great that Kyra won after four years of nominations and no trophy, but Scarlett O'Hara looked better in curtains. That's what the above dress is made of, right? Curtains? While giving her acceptance speech (and praising hubby, Kevin Bacon), her hair looked like dread locks. Also, did she buy those bracelets at Claire's? I don't understand.

Won for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy

This shouldn't have surprised anyone. Sue Sylvester is the snarkiest, most conniving, most ruthless character in comedy television. Her scene stealing lines are what make the show funny.

MOST DESERVING ACTOR WIN: Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory
Won for Best Actor in a Comedy Series

Bazinga! The nerd bomber beat Alec Baldwin! I repeat, Alec Baldwin did not win an Emmy for his outstanding role on 30 Rock. There's a first for everything. Jim Parsons has been nominated in the past for his role as Sheldon Cooper, nerd extraordinaire, on BBT. Last night's competition was super stiff, but Parsons' was a victory in the making. Most likely, Parsons can credit the shows constant increasing popularity. So popular, in fact, CBS moved it to the ever competitive Thursday night line-up this fall. Bazinga!

Nominated for Best Drama

Matthew Fox lost. Terry O'Quinn lost. Michael Emmerson lost. LOST lost and I am not pleased. How could the academy ignore the final season of this eclectic series? I'm heartbroken. I thought LOST was more than just a cult hit. I thought it was a phenomenon, a phenomenon deserving of serious cred. Guess not. Guess Jack Shephard will have to remain the winner in my heart and my heart alone. I guess I should start watching Mad Men and see what all the fuss is about. I guarantee I won't love it nearly as much as I love LOST. 

In Pam's Words: S3E11

"This is not just about your relationship, you
infatuated tween. There's a bigger picture."
- Pam to Bill in regards to Bill freaking out about Pam and Eric using Sookie to lure Russell Edgington

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Catwalk Drama Turns 'Project Runway' Season 8 Into Killer Reality TV

Can you say "catwalk drama"? Holy momma, Project Runway season 8 is on a roll! This week's episode may very well be one of the best episodes in the shows history. A killer challenge split the group of designer's into two teams and it just so happened one team consisted of the underdog's (not one of them had won a challenge yet), while the other team had the snooty, cocky, know-it-all sewers. "Team Luxe", as they unnecessarily named themselves, thought they had it in the bag. However, their end result - a mini fall collection - was a far cry from the seriously kick ass final product of team underdog's military inspired, lacy masterpiece of a collection. I want! every! outfit!

The designers were appalled with Team Luxe's dowdy menswear blah colored pieces. This lead to an all out war on the catwalk starring none other than my girl, Gretchen Jones. Heidi, Nina and Michael would have none of her sass. Queen Kors put her in her place, calling her out on changing her mind about the finished products and talking smack about her team. First she praised her team's looks. Minutes later they were "crappy" and as for the teammates? "Everyone sucked." Nice! Kors gave her a piece of his fabulous mind and let me tell you, you do not want to piss off Queen Kors. Add Nina Garcia's attitude and you've got a group of judges every bit as brutally honest and piss your pants scary as Simon Cowell on a bad day.

My good friend, who I will refer to as Roach, told me her fiance couldn't stop watching despite the fact that he's "way too manly" to be into it. She said, "Cas and I were watching last night and Michael Kors was making so many faces and snarky comments, Cas was like, 'Michael Kors pays Project Runway to be there. It's not the other way around.'" Well said, tough guy. You know Kors loves a good cat fight.

Gretchen survived the battle on the runway, but it's safe to say her ego suffered a few wounds. Ms. Bangs should consider taking it down a notch if she wants to stay in the competition. It's about personality as much as it is talent and Gretchen, your personality sucks.

Casanova, on the other hand, has a personality worthy of an award. Dressed in a lime green sweater with a plunging, cleavage baring v-neck and a black turban/hat/headband on his head, his fabulousness was in full swing this week. Casanova suffered a complete mental breakdown. Talk about a hot mess! It was perhaps one of the biggest hissy fits every thrown on Runway followed by a remarkable comeback. Casssssanova wasssss fed up with Tim Gunn'ssss critcccissssm of his work! (His accent is to die for!) He threw himself on a couch in the break room and took a nap, calling himself fat and refusing to continue. Model to the rescue! Casanova's lanky beauty eased his worries and talked him back into the workroom. He spruced up his earlier design which later won the judges' hearts. Casanova won the challenge!

Guess it was a good plan to extend these episodes to an hour and a half this season, huh? Also a good idea? Adding Gretchen to the mix of designers. Meee-yow!

Have You Heard About 'Marcel the Shell With Shoes On'?

Welp, this is my new favorite thing in the world. Directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp and written (and voiced) by Saturday Night Live's f-bomb dropping Jenny Slate, this darling video is sure to charm your pants off.

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On is a mini-documentary about a shoe-wearing seashell whose head is maybe too big, but who doesn't really care. If you don't love it, your heart is a cold, black place.

Hey, I made you a mixtape: 8/28

This week's collection urges you to take a risk. I'm trying to convince you to go for it. Jump. Make a move. Because, honestly, what have you got to lose? The heart wants what the heart wants so stop ignoring it or putting it aside because it's not going away.

01  Be the One - The Ting Tings
02  Animal - Neon Trees
03  A White Demon Love Song - The Killers
04  Wait Up (Boots of Danger) - Tokyo Police Club
05  Open Your Heart - Madonna
06  This Heart of Mine - Jason Castro
07  Wasted Hours - Arcade Fire
08  Stop This Song - Paramore
09  Believe in Me - Rooney
10  Hey Stephen - Taylor Swift
11  The Background - Third Eye Blind

What We Talk About At Work

This morning I worked with a giggling, Hello Kitty loving, boy crazy boy whom I don't often have the unique pleasure of working with. He was in rare form as he usually works the evening shift. Mornings are not his forte.

As we sat across the room from each other busily prepping for a hectic day, he said, "So this morning I was listening to Ke$ha..."

I shot an evil glare of disgust in his direction. "I hate Ke$ha," I flatly stated. He knows this. We often fight about Ke$ha. I think he enjoys bringing her into conversations. My distaste for the trash-tastic pop "singer" makes him giggle.

"Aaaaaaahahahahahihihihihihihihehehehehahahahahahehehehehehihihaha... I know you do! But anyway? This song..."

I continued to glare. I was borderline snarling. Eyes narrowed, brows furrowed, mouth turned down. This didn't stop him.

"So she has this song, ok? Called 'Stephen'..."

I heard him wrong. Perhaps it was the distance from my desk to his. Perhaps it was the elevator music in the background. Perhaps it was my lack of sleep, lack of caffeine and dark thoughts about Ke$ha clogging my mind. I cut him off mid-sentence.

'Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You're telling me Ke$ha has a song. On her album. Called 'SEMEN'?"

I was appalled because I'm a nice girl from a small town who is expected to be appalled at such examples of inappropriateness. In retrospect, I would not be surprised if this were true. Why wouldn't Ke$ha sing about semen?

It's not every day your usually sweet co-worker shouts "SEMEN!" at you. A very stunned boy crazy boy kindly corrected me before bursting into a fit of uncontrollable giggles. The phone rang and we went back to work and I never learned why he brought up a song called "Stephen" by Ke$ha.

I was considering posting Ke$ha's "Stephen" below, but I can't. It sucks. Taylor Swift's "Hey Stephen" is a hundred thousand million times better, so I'm posting that instead.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

GaGa Prays for Lunacy, God Grants Her Wish

The September issue of Vanity Fair is a rare gem. With GaGa gracing the cover in a long grey wig giving the peace sign, you know there's a treat amongst those glossy pages. The article blew my mind. Unlike other artists and actors who you read the same thing about time and time again, GaGa constantly creates a whole new kind of madness as she invites us deeper into her wild life and mind.

Did you know, for example, that as a teenager growing up in Manhattan GaGa prayed for lunacy?

"I used to pray every night that God would make me crazy. I prayed that God would teach me something, that he would instill in me a creativity and strangeness that all of those people that I loved and respected had."

The fame monster also has a phobia that the God-granted creativity will be stolen from her via her vagina:

"I don't really have sex. Well, sometimes. But I'm drawn to bad romances. And my song ["Bad Romance"] is about whether I go after those [sort of relationships] or if they find me. I'm quite celibate now; I don't really get time to meet anyone... I do fuck, but I"m certainly not promiscuous... I'm perpetually lonely. I'm lonely when I'm in relationships. It's my condition as an artist. Listen, I prayed for lunacy, and He gave it to me. It's a bit of a sick thing when a 17-year-old says in her nightly prayers that I would rather die young and a legend than be married with children and die an old lady in my bed. I also think I'm afraid of depleting my energy. I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they're going to take my creativity from me through my vagina."

I love her. Need I say more?

ANTM Cycle 15: Italian Vogue Showdown

Fun Fact: This is the cycle I was supposed to be a part of. More on that later.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 debuts Wednesday, September 8 at 8pm on the CW. This season may be the fiercest yet, as host (and expert smizer) Tyra Banks, offers her wannabe models the best prize to date on the show: THE COVER OF ITALIAN VOGUE. This is a very big deal. In past seasons the winner of Top Model graced the cover of Seventeen. Big whoop. Italian Vogue takes the reality show to an entirely new level - a level of credibility. One of these girls is going to be famous. One of them is actually going to become a top model.

As I said earlier, this was supposed to be my season. I, Jenny from the blog, auditioned for Cycle 15 of ANTM. I spent a weekend in New York City posing, cat-walking and being measured (I was the tallest of the bunch per usual). I made it to the East Coast finals. There were maybe 50 of us left in the final round. I may not be legally bound to write about this considering I signed 75 pounds of contracts just in case I happened to be chosen as a contestant. I wasn't upset that I didn't get selected. Whatever is meant to be will be, right? Some of the other girls were far more interesting than I am. Maybe you think I'm not giving myself enough credit, but the few girls I met were from various countries, spoke different languages, believed in crazy religions - they had strange quirks that I assume will make for good TV. That's really what it's all about. Sure, you can be attractive, but if you're not going to start a cat fight, have a mental breakdown or curse out the judges during panel, your chances of making the show are slim. The girl who interviewed in the final round right before I did can be seen here (no joke):

Like Esther, most of the girls at the audition were a lot younger than me at 18 or 19. I am by no means old, but in the modeling world, 24 is equivalent to somewhere around 40. I believe my experience in the industry also set me apart. Most of the girls on the show in past seasons have little or no experience.  And surely my sanity kept me from being selected. I'm not bat-shit crazy enough for Tyra's liking and I'm totally ok with that. 

I'll definitely be watching Cycle 15 and wondering what things would have been like had I made it. While pondering, I'll be eating Ben & Jerry's (Imagine Whirled Peace) and not caring how many dimples I'm adding to my thigh.

Paramore Performing @ VMAs

Hey! Guess what!? Paramore will perform at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards! Go, Paramore!
The news was announced this morning. Other performers include Usher, Eminem, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, B.o.B., Drake, and Florence + the Machine. Chelsea Handler will host the award show Sunday, September 12 @ 9pm.
Speaking of Paramore, check out the shoes on this chick with the wild hair:
07 -- Hayley Williams, Paramore

EW Reveals Sexiest Beast Winner: Victory is Mine!

Ladies and gentlemen, can I have a drum roll please? The verdict is in and all is fair in the world! DAMON SALVATORE officially claims the title as SEXIEST BEAST. HELL YES! Edward Cullen is crying in a coffin somewhere. Oh wait, that's right. He doesn't use a coffin. Excuse me, Edward Cullen is sparkling in the sun somewhere. He's probably crying, but he won't be shedding bloody tears because he's a PANSY. Yeah, I said it. So glad EW readers know what's sexy.

Entertainment Weekly's genius senior writer, Michael Slezak, who apparently headed the entire poll, announced the excellent news at midnight. He wrote:

"When the blood, sweat, and broken fangs were wiped away, it was Damon Salvatore who eked out a mild upset victory over Edward Cullen by a margin of 138,630 to 134,728, a difference of just 3,902 votes."

Can you believe that?! Only 3,902 votes more?! This is incredible. You have no idea how excited I am right now. I've been so into this and I was so upset that Eric Northman was kicked out, but I'm so satisfied that Damon won.

Please excuse me while I BOONE SWOON.

Read Mr. Slezak's full article on his Sexy Beast Poll here.

What a champ.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hooper Humperdink...? Not Him! Or Me!

When I was younger I loved a book called Hooper Humperdink...? Not Him! To this day I still consider it my favorite book. My poppie used to read it to me as I sat perched on the arm of his recliner. I knew all the words by heart, but I'd listen intently as he recited the story over and over again.

It's about a boy, Hooper Humperdink, who gets left out when someone throws a party and invites everyone except him. The host invites everyone from A to Z: "I'll ask Alice. I'll ask Abe. I'll ask Bob and Bill and Babe. I'll ask Charlie, Clara, Cora. Danny, Davey, Daisy, Dora." 

You get the idea. 

Every once in a while this awful host reminds us that Hooper cannot attend his party of the century: "I'll ask Dinny. I'll ask Dot. But Hooper Humperdink...? I'LL NOT!" It's really quite awful. This guy even invites a marching band and orders ten tons of ice cream, but still he refuses to include Hooper. At one point he flat out says, "That Humperdink! I don't know why, but somehow I don't like that guy." Apparently Hooper is assumed to be a "party pooper" (probably only for rhyming purposes, but still, it's awfully rude).

Every page shows gangs of friends flocking to this party, but somewhere in one of the bottom corners is poor Hooper hiding in a bush or peeking over a fence, wishing he were included.

Lately I feel a lot like Hooper Humperdink. Trapped in this rinky dink town in Connecticut, trying miserably to find an escape (and failing repeatedly), I feel like there's so much I'm missing out on. I feel like the rest of the world is having a party and for some reason my invitation got lost in the mail. Coincidentally, of all the many names mentioned in Hooper Humperdink, Jenny is not one of them. I can relate, Hooper. When do I get to join in on the fun? I'm getting bored behind this bush, observing from afar.

I wonder if at two-years-old I understood the sadness of the situation. Did I feel sorry for Hooper? Did I cry when he wasn't invited to the party? Reading this book now, I realize it's pretty heavy material. However, let's not forgot that Hooper Humperdink is a children's book. It ends on a happy note. The host has a drastic change of heart and decides his party is "too good for anyone to miss" and so, you know, he invites Hooper Humperdink. My day is coming, friends. Until then, I'll be anxiously checking the mailbox every afternoon.

Happy Birthday, Alexander Skarsgard

Happy birthday, Alexander Skarsgard, vampire man of my dreams. I love you.

Yes, that is Alexander Skarsgard pictured above. Wonder what he would have thought back then if someone told him he was the future Eric Northman, Viking vampire - owner of Fangtasia and lover of telepathic waitress, Sookie Stackhouse. HA!

Adam Levine Wears Combat Boots, Too

6 --- Adam Levine, Maroon 5

Welcome to my combat boot wearing list, Adam Levine!

The Maroon 5 frontman (looking extra studly in a leather jacket) deserves some serious cred. Not only does his new single not entirely suck (I haven't enjoyed a Maroon 5 song since...never), but in the video for said new single, the band's singer rocks combat boots while being tormented by a feisty female - who is also stomping around in my new favorite shoes. Yes!

Check out the band's video for "Misery" below and please admire the featured his and hers combat boots.

Just for fun, watch the UK version of the video. It's more entertaining and more colorful as it features cartoon hearts, teddy bears and unicorns. Why not, right? Damn Euros...

Monday, August 23, 2010

I hate your big dumb combat boots.

I'm rebelling. I bought a pair of combat boots. I'm obsessed.

I don't know where the notion came from, but recently I've had this yearning to own a pair. It's all part of my desire to look tough.

Since purchasing them (for just $30 at Macy's!) I've worn them every chance I had, including right this moment as well as the other night while I blogged about all the stuff I wanted from the LOST auction while laying in bed listening to Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" and Taylor Swift's "Mine" on repeat. I should really consider adjusting my soundtrack if I want to pull off this punk persona.

The '90s grunge look has apparently made its way back into the current trend. Luckily it involves less grit and less heroin chic. It's cleaner and incorporates plaids, leggings, over-sized shirts, denim, etc. The combat boots are a staple in the grunge look as long as you've got the gonads to wear a pair. I do. (Note: I don't know what I'm talking about.)

In honor of my killer new kicks and in an effort to make writing about them relevant to my entertainment themed blog, I've devised a list of my favorite pop culture combat boot wearing characters.

1 --- Daniel Desario, Freaks and Geeks

Daniel Desario represents all that is cool in the world. He frequently, if not always, rocked a pair of combat boots in addition to his "I don't give a crap" attitude and mysterious, misunderstood, tough guy character. Deep down he was a softy. Remember that last episode? Dungeons and Dragons with the geeks? The boots were merely a facade. And let's be serious, sneakers wouldn't have accented his chiseled cheek bones, denim jacket and class skipping with the same appeal.

2 --- Hit Girl, Kick-Ass

It's a given that superheroes wear combat boots. Since Hit Girl isn't technically a superhero, I'm adding her to my list. She doesn't have any powers aside from being effing awesome. This pre-teen chick was the star of Kick-Ass, despite the fact that the movie was supposed to be about an entirely different superhero. She's the one that did the ass kicking. Hit Girl is the toughest combat boot wearing character on my list.

3 --- Patrick Verona, 10 Things I Hate About You

I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair. I hate the way you drive my car, I hate it when you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots, and the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick, it even makes me rhyme. I hate the way you're always right, I hate it when you lie. I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry. I hate it when you're not around, and the fact that you didn't call. But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you. Not even close. Not even a little bit. Not even at all. Need I say more?

4 --- Bliss Cavendar, Whip It

I liked this cheesy movie. It was fun and charming and worthwhile. When the main character, Bliss, isn't skating in her roller derby league, she's rocking combat boots. The boots define her character. She's a teen who doesn't fit in because she doesn't want to. Bliss doesn't care what people think. She's tough, not prissy. On a shopping excursion with her mom (who wants Bliss to be a pageant girl), Bliss shocks and repulses her when she buys a pair of black combat boots. After paying, Bliss snatches a roller derby flier off the counter. Let the rebellion begin! A few days later she tells her parents she won't be home after school because she's taking an SAT prep course. That's code for "I joined a roller derby team so suck it!" In Bliss' case the boots represent a sense of freedom and independence, an "I do what I want" mantra so to speak. That's precisely what I'm going for...

5 --- Jenny, Jenny from the Blog