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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catching Up On 'My So-Called Life'

Most nights this past week, I have come home from work, put on my combat boots, and laid in bed (yes, wearing the boots) with my new MacBook. A few nights ago I discoverd the entire first (and only) season of My So-Called Life on Hulu. All 19 episodes! Right there! For me! Free to watch! I started watching in an attempt to defeat an interesting and unexplainable spurt of insomnia. And now I'm hooked. 

I love it. I love Claire Danes as Angela Chase. I totally relate to her, despite the fact that she's 15 and living in 1994. Whatever. I love her borderline rebellion and her dyed red hair and her love for Jordan Catalano. He is such a great leaner.

I swear it's the boots that lead me to the show. Since watching, I am more encouraged than ever to grunge out my style. However, it should be noted that I will never go so far as to wear red plaid boxer shorts over black leggings. I think it's safe to say that style is gone and it ain't ever coming back. My So-Called Life is all over-sized plaid collared shirts, denim vests, floral dresses that reach the ground and of course, plenty of combat boots. I guess I was too young during most of the '90s to recognize the insanity of the style. If anything, the show has decreased hostility I felt towards my mother for dressing me in the wretched outfits I'm wearing in old school portraits scattered throughout our house. It makes more sense now. Sorry for having doubted you, mom.

Check out Catalano's boots.
Perhaps I should have caught on to My So-Called Life a long time ago, but to be fair, I was only 8-years-old when the show aired. I've often heard rave reviews of it and I've seen it appear on lists of "Best Shows You Never Watched," but never had the opportunity to experience it's superb-ness for myself. Better late than never.

Last night during episode seven, I witnessed Jordan and Angela's first kiss. Well technically it was their second kiss, but that other first kiss didn't count. THIS ONE counts. It was so sweet and pretty and put the most adorable smile on Angela's face...not to mention mine. Young, grunged-out Jared Leto is just to die for.

After the kiss, Angela exists Jordan's car and watches him drive away. When he's out of sight, she performs a dance of giddiness on the sidewalk in her RED COMBAT BOOTS. THIS is when I knew I had been missing out on something truly fantastic.

I've never seen a better first kiss portrayal or after kiss reaction from a teen in a more perfect, more honest way. The scene is ranked high up there in my book. I'll catalog it right next to Seth and Summer's upside down Spiderman kiss in the rain.

If you would like to join in on the fun and catch up on what you've been missing, click here to watch for yourself.

08 -- Angela Chase
09 -- Jordan Catalano

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