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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Keep Their Secrets Until 2011

Hope you're not already going through Pretty Little Liars withdrawal. It's going to be a loooooooong 5 months for you if that's the case. Sorry to break the unfortunate news, but ABC Family's summer hit won't be airing it's second season until JANUARY 2011

I would really like someone from ABC Family to explain why I'm being tortured for such an extended period of time. This is entirely unfair. It is unnecessary cruel and unusual punishment!

The PLL summer season tragically wrapped up last week, after a much appreciated all-day marathon of the first nine episodes. I needed that. I hadn't yet caught up and it was the perfect solution to my problem. (Side Note: My DVR was about ready to burst thanks to 25 episodes of All My Children that my mom recorded while she was on vacation. She would have killed me had I deleted them before she had the opportunity to catch up. She has since watched each and every episode. Also, in order to fit all the PLL eps, I may or may not have deleted various episodes of Barefoot ContessaProperty Virgins and Hung that my dad was saving for a rainy day. Sorry, dad, there's no rain in the forecast. I suggest you concentrate on watering your precious lawn so your beautiful green grass doesn't dry up, you crazy, OCD Pollock. In addition, Hung is not appropriate.

Back to Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily... these girls are the shit. Sixteen-years-old they most certainly are not, but fashionable, manipulative divas they undeniably are. The season finale left us in a whirlwind of hook-ups, secrets and more mystery than I can muster - all the makings of a killer teen drama. A teenager I am not, but a lover of all things corny and addictive, I most certainly am.

Aria is still hot for teacher (as am I!); Emily is still hot for that girl who's name I cannot recall; Spencer's still dressing preppy and reminiscing about yet another of her older sister's ex-boyfriends... who she just so happened to makeout with... and who also just so happens to be the ladies' leading suspect in Ali's murder... and who maybe just ran Hanna over with his car! OMG!

January, where you at?! PLL fans out there, please share your coping mechanisms with me. Thanks.

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