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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lovin' "Late Night" Hashtags

Jimmy Fallon's latest Late Night segment has me cracking up.

It emphasizes why I enjoy his show so much. He's modern and technologically savvy! As a late night host, he's a breath of fresh air compared to stiff, tired, stinky-like-mothballs-in-your-gramma's-closet hosts like Jay Leno.

In fact, Jimmy's new segment is like a modernized version of Leno's Monday night headlines. Are you familiar? Leno asks viewers to send him headlines from newspapers that have misspellings or incorrect words that change the meaning of the headline, thus making it comical. It's funny, but so bleh! 

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon put a spin on Leno's headlines by use of Twitter. Jimmy creates a clever hashtag. What's a hashtag might you ask? It's a topic with a hash (#) symbol in front of it. It is a means to organize and unite Tweets around a particular topic. In Jimmy's case, he creates topics like #myparentsareweird or #whydoesntthisexist. He Tweets them and invites fellow Tweeters to Tweet their ideas back at him. Jimmy reads his favorite ones on air a few days later. He's so modern, that Jimmy! Check out this week's edition here:

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