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Monday, August 16, 2010

Next on 'Glee'? It's Britney, Bitch!

Hit me baby one more time! No, really. Slap me across the face. Pinch me and tell me this is a dream and Glee isn't really dedicating an episode to pop's most messed up diva, Britney Spears. Oy.
Buzz continues to build for the tribute episode which airs September 28th. For months the show has been denying rumors that Ms. Spears herself will appear in the ep. Turns out they weren't rumors after all. Show creator Ryan Murphy revealed last week that the pop sensation will indeed be in said episode. And according to Murphy this was all her idea.
According to the New York Post the Britney episode revolves around a few of the New Directions kids who have bad dental hygeine - apparently the show will air during National Cavity Week. Don't forget to floss! While going under anesthesia at the dentist the students fantasize/hallucinate about Britney. That's where her songs will come in.
While Murphy & Co. are mums the word on what famous Brit songs the ep will feature, the above photo has been circling the web. Looks like Glee perfectionist, Rachel Berry, will take on Britney's first and perhaps most famous single "(Hit Me)...Baby One More Time."
My faith in Britney may be lost (ever since she shaved her head), but my faith in all things Glee remains strong. I'm confident that despite my uncertainty with the former Mrs. Kevin Richardson, I'll love the episode. I mean, I love every episode of Glee. Who doesn't?

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