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Saturday, August 21, 2010

'LOST' Up For Sale

We need to go to Santa Monica now.

Why? might you ask. Because I need to spend my hard-earned savings on the love letter Penny wrote Desmond. You know, the one he found in his copy of Charles Dickens' Our Mutual Friend in "Live Together, Die Alone"! I'm not kidding. I want that and if we head to the airport right now, we can probably catch a Red Eye to get us there in time.

This weekend the Santa Monica Airport is hosting an auction of items from the set of LOST. AH! How cool is that?! Memorabilia up for bid includes everything from pieces of Oceanic flight 815 to Sawyer's makeshift reading glasses to Hurley's blue van.

Talk about nostalgia! I got choked up just reading about the auction. Then I started looking at pictures of what was available and I was overcome with anxiety. I'm overwhelmed by memories of a better time, a time when Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley weren't on their way to Heaven, saying goodbye to me; a time when planes were crashing on mysterious islands, Dharma workers were teleporting to past decades and a tall handsome man by the name of Sawyer was making love in a polar bear cage. Like Jack begging Kate to return to the island, I'm sitting here screaming at my computer, "We have to go back!"

Here are a few of the pictures that made my heart sink faster than the sub carrying Jin and Sun (*tear*):
Charlie's guitar case!

Sawyer's Dharma Beer!

Hurley's van!
Locke's wheelchair!
The hatch door!
Young Sawyer's letter to the real Sawyer!
This stuff is amazing! For more information on the auction and a teary, yet fantastic review of the emotional exhibit, read Maria Fernandez's article from the Los Angeles Times here. Let me know if you wanna catch a Red Eye with me!

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