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Thursday, August 26, 2010

ANTM Cycle 15: Italian Vogue Showdown

Fun Fact: This is the cycle I was supposed to be a part of. More on that later.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 debuts Wednesday, September 8 at 8pm on the CW. This season may be the fiercest yet, as host (and expert smizer) Tyra Banks, offers her wannabe models the best prize to date on the show: THE COVER OF ITALIAN VOGUE. This is a very big deal. In past seasons the winner of Top Model graced the cover of Seventeen. Big whoop. Italian Vogue takes the reality show to an entirely new level - a level of credibility. One of these girls is going to be famous. One of them is actually going to become a top model.

As I said earlier, this was supposed to be my season. I, Jenny from the blog, auditioned for Cycle 15 of ANTM. I spent a weekend in New York City posing, cat-walking and being measured (I was the tallest of the bunch per usual). I made it to the East Coast finals. There were maybe 50 of us left in the final round. I may not be legally bound to write about this considering I signed 75 pounds of contracts just in case I happened to be chosen as a contestant. I wasn't upset that I didn't get selected. Whatever is meant to be will be, right? Some of the other girls were far more interesting than I am. Maybe you think I'm not giving myself enough credit, but the few girls I met were from various countries, spoke different languages, believed in crazy religions - they had strange quirks that I assume will make for good TV. That's really what it's all about. Sure, you can be attractive, but if you're not going to start a cat fight, have a mental breakdown or curse out the judges during panel, your chances of making the show are slim. The girl who interviewed in the final round right before I did can be seen here (no joke):

Like Esther, most of the girls at the audition were a lot younger than me at 18 or 19. I am by no means old, but in the modeling world, 24 is equivalent to somewhere around 40. I believe my experience in the industry also set me apart. Most of the girls on the show in past seasons have little or no experience.  And surely my sanity kept me from being selected. I'm not bat-shit crazy enough for Tyra's liking and I'm totally ok with that. 

I'll definitely be watching Cycle 15 and wondering what things would have been like had I made it. While pondering, I'll be eating Ben & Jerry's (Imagine Whirled Peace) and not caring how many dimples I'm adding to my thigh.

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