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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dreams Really Do Come 'True': Eric & Sookie's First Kiss

There's far too many recent posts on this blog concerning vampires. But hey, what are ya gonna do? So I like vamps. Sue me. The undead blood sucking beasts are prominent in my life right now, especially considering the recent migration of my best friends to bigger, better, and in some instances warmer places. A lonely girl loves her vamps.

I'd like to comment on last night's True Blood. Wowwy! Kazowwy! SO much happened and it all happened SO fast. One second Sookie's a fairy (read the books, knew that was coming, surprised it's common knowledge so early in the series), the next second Sam is a skilled thief and mass murderer and then boom! Suddenly we're in a whirwind of voodoo and sourcerers aboard Lafayette and Jesus' psychadelic V trip. Suddenly Jesus isn't such an innocent do-gooder nurse. Interesting, but not nearly as enticing as this...

Nothing about last night's episode - or the entire True Blood series thus far! - was as hot and steamy as Eric's goodbye to Sookie Stackhouse. Don't you love it when he says her full name? "If I meet the truth death, without having at least kissed you, Sookie Stackhouse, that will be my biggest regret." Uhn! FINALLY an intimate moment between fairy and Viking that was NOT a mere fantasy. IT REALLY HAPPENED. UHN! 

Eric is SO tall and his arms are SO big and his blond hair is SO pretty and wouldn't you just absolutely diiiiiiiiiiiiie to be kissed like that by a centuries old Viking?! You sure as hell wouldn't have to ask me twice.

While losing my mind at work this afternoon with nothing to do but freeze to death via air conditioning that's set way too cool for this 70-degree weather outside... I found myself repeatedly watching the scene below. I hadn't realized how many times I watched it and replayed it and watched it and replayed it staring at the screen, mouth agape, eyes wide until I looked up (not sure how I managed to peel my eyes away) and found my two male co-workers curiously staring at my flushed face and dazed smile. What a nerd I am. Way to be professional on the job, Jenny.

Watch this and tell me you don't love it. Tell me you didn't watch it twice. Or at least had an urge to hit replay:

The second best part of last night's episode also involved Eric's possible fate. Yeah right. We know he's not going to meet the true death. He's ERIC NORTHMAN. You can't kill Eric Northman. But just in case Eric should be defeated by Russell Edgington, he finalized his will, leaving everything to his baby, Pam. This royally pissed off Fangtasia's newest hire/dancer/sex toy Yvetta who thought Eric would treat her better. Eric was all business and forlorn and in no mood to deal with this "gold-digging whore." He said, ''I promised you a job and good sex. That is all." That'd be enough for me. In case you were wondering.

Only two new epsiodes left before season three concludes! Stake me!

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