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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Catwalk Drama Turns 'Project Runway' Season 8 Into Killer Reality TV

Can you say "catwalk drama"? Holy momma, Project Runway season 8 is on a roll! This week's episode may very well be one of the best episodes in the shows history. A killer challenge split the group of designer's into two teams and it just so happened one team consisted of the underdog's (not one of them had won a challenge yet), while the other team had the snooty, cocky, know-it-all sewers. "Team Luxe", as they unnecessarily named themselves, thought they had it in the bag. However, their end result - a mini fall collection - was a far cry from the seriously kick ass final product of team underdog's military inspired, lacy masterpiece of a collection. I want! every! outfit!

The designers were appalled with Team Luxe's dowdy menswear blah colored pieces. This lead to an all out war on the catwalk starring none other than my girl, Gretchen Jones. Heidi, Nina and Michael would have none of her sass. Queen Kors put her in her place, calling her out on changing her mind about the finished products and talking smack about her team. First she praised her team's looks. Minutes later they were "crappy" and as for the teammates? "Everyone sucked." Nice! Kors gave her a piece of his fabulous mind and let me tell you, you do not want to piss off Queen Kors. Add Nina Garcia's attitude and you've got a group of judges every bit as brutally honest and piss your pants scary as Simon Cowell on a bad day.

My good friend, who I will refer to as Roach, told me her fiance couldn't stop watching despite the fact that he's "way too manly" to be into it. She said, "Cas and I were watching last night and Michael Kors was making so many faces and snarky comments, Cas was like, 'Michael Kors pays Project Runway to be there. It's not the other way around.'" Well said, tough guy. You know Kors loves a good cat fight.

Gretchen survived the battle on the runway, but it's safe to say her ego suffered a few wounds. Ms. Bangs should consider taking it down a notch if she wants to stay in the competition. It's about personality as much as it is talent and Gretchen, your personality sucks.

Casanova, on the other hand, has a personality worthy of an award. Dressed in a lime green sweater with a plunging, cleavage baring v-neck and a black turban/hat/headband on his head, his fabulousness was in full swing this week. Casanova suffered a complete mental breakdown. Talk about a hot mess! It was perhaps one of the biggest hissy fits every thrown on Runway followed by a remarkable comeback. Casssssanova wasssss fed up with Tim Gunn'ssss critcccissssm of his work! (His accent is to die for!) He threw himself on a couch in the break room and took a nap, calling himself fat and refusing to continue. Model to the rescue! Casanova's lanky beauty eased his worries and talked him back into the workroom. He spruced up his earlier design which later won the judges' hearts. Casanova won the challenge!

Guess it was a good plan to extend these episodes to an hour and a half this season, huh? Also a good idea? Adding Gretchen to the mix of designers. Meee-yow!

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