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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Give me 'Vampire Diaries' Season Two

The generous folks over at Entertainment Weekly are giving away copies of The Vampire Diaries Season 1 on DVD. In order to be considered, all you have to do is go to EW's Facebook page and leave a comment, answering the question "Which Salvatore brother does Elena belong with and why?" Easy peasy.

I need to win. I love this damn show. If I win, I'll lend it to my sister. I need her to catch up so she is prepared when season two starts. I'd like to have someone to watch it with. I also never win any contests and winning this would surely make my day. 

This is what I wrote on EW's Facebook page:

DAMON SALVATORE. Elena belongs with Damon hands down. I have 3 reasons why: 1) Damon is officially the sexiest beast. Elena deserves the best; 2) Boone swoon. We have to take Ian Somerhalder's previous roles into consideration; 3) Damon Salvatore is like Ben & Jerry's Marsha-Marsha-Marshmallow on sale at Stop & Shop. Stefan is Hood low-fat vanilla - so blah.

The previous comments are just as boring as Stefan: "Elena belongs with Stefan because he's so sweet"... Elena belongs with Damon cuz he's sexy"..."Stefan, cuz they're meant to be." Booooorrrrrring. Get clever, people.

Wouldn't you say I deserve the prize?

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