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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gossip Girl Films In Paris - Who Cares?

Well, isn't this lovely?! How bout no?!

leighton meester blake lively gossip girl paris

Spotted: Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen frolicking in Paris for the upcoming season of Gossip Girl. Guess what? I don't care how freakin' cute they look in French attire. I WILL NOT WATCH SEASON 4 DESPITE THEIR AMAZING NEW WARDROBES. The season 3 finale broke my heart too badly. I can't go back. Won't go back. WON'T. GIVE. IN. No matter how good Chuck Bass looks in a suit...

'Gossip Girl' Films On Location In Paris

I'm envisioning Chuck and I riding through the streets of Paris on that moped pictured above - him driving, me on back, arms wrapped around him, scarf tied around my neck, hair blowing in the wind... Josh Schwartz, I hate you.

'Gossip Girl' Films On Location In Paris

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