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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Going the Distance" Promises Summer Rom Com Satisfaction

A few hours ago Charlie Day tweeted the following: "Going the Distance is a rom com that is more com than rom for all you com and not rom fans. Labor day weekend Justin and Drew rom and I com."

If that's not reason enough to go see this movie, I'm not sure how else to convince you. How about the fact that it's Drew Barrymore's first chick flick in a long time? We're way overdue to watch Drew struggle with love. The eccentric 30 something starred in some of the best chick flicks of my lifetime including, but not limited to: Never Been KissedWedding Singer50 First DatesFever Pitch and Ever AfterIt's been 10 years since Fever Pitch, so it's about damn time she return to the silver screen in a rom com.

Luckily, Going the Distance looks like a promising summer romance flick coming to a theater near you in just a few weeks. Drew stars alongside former(?)/current(?) beau Justin Long of the Mac commercials. (FYI: I just bought a Mac! Note: Justin Long had no influence on my decision to purchase it.) 

The story revolves around a new couple - Garrett and Erin - who meet and fall madly in love in just a few weeks despite their attempts not to. When they meet they're both living in New York City (naturally), but Drew's character will soon be moving to San Francisco. This is where the title comes in. Drew and Justin battle the trials and tribulations of a long distance relationship complete with lame friends' advice (in the form of the charming Christina Applegate and studly Jason Sudekis..in addition to the highly hilarious Charlie Day), failed phone sex, and unavoidable heartache. Of course there's heartache. What's a chick flick without heartache?

What's cool to me about this film is the main characters like each other from the start. That's rare, folks. Chick flicks typically follow the same outline: Two people meet, despise each other, keep accidentally running into each other until they eventually realize they're actually madly in love. They kiss, they make love, they get married. The end. Recent examples include, but are not limited to: The Ugly Truth, The Proposal and 27 Dresses. Going the Distance will be like a breath of fresh air in the rom com universe.

So, have I convinced you? Will you go see it with me? I promise I'll share my Sour Patch Kids...

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