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Monday, August 30, 2010

Rating the 20!0 Emmy's from 'Glee'-tastic Opener to 'LOST' Snubs

Last night's Emmy awards was a fantastical display of serious hilarity, happy successes and severe disappoints. Here's my take on the best and worst parts of the show...

BEST MOMENT: The opening

If you follow this blog, you can imagine my excitement during the opening of last night's event. Try and picture my face as the Glee-inspired parody dazzled my television screen. A mixture of shock and awe, tears of joy, and utter fascination took over. My long summer of Glee missin' deteriorated as my wildest dreams came true. It was like a culmination of everything I've ever written about on my blog/dedication to television brilliance.

Was it a mere fantasy? Did that really happen? How did Jimmy Fallon manage to convince all my favorite people from TV to sing and dance together? How did he know?! Pinch me!

The show started with Jimmy pulling up to the Emmy's in a Smart Car, obviously pumped (per usual. Doesn't he always seem to be pumped about life in general? It's part of why i adore him..) to be hosting the awards show. My excitement ignited when Jimmy stumbled upon a group of Gleeks - Rachel, Finn, Mercedes and Kurt - loitering outside the entrance to the theater. Jimmy asked them if they were going to the show and they said they couldn't afford it. Jimmy to the rescue! He spotted a flier for a glee club competition strategically posted on the wall behind them. The only problem? The competition required 10 members per team. All agreed the idea was brilliant and headed inside on a mission to recruit their club.

First addition? Tina Fey! With Tina's help they created the most amazing glee club imaginable including Jon Hamm and Joel McHale, but not Kate Gosselin. (I cannot believe she agreed to be dissed by Tina Fey like that.) While belting Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run", the pack ventured through the back of the theater, recruiting random members. Such random recruits included Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Diaries (who knew she could sing and dance!?), the dearly departed LOST's Hurley(!!) and, of course, Jane Lynch dressed as her track suited Sue Sylvester who, of course, slushied Tina and Jimmy before demanding she be included. COULD THIS HAVE BEEN ANY BETTER?!

I didn't think better was possible until the group made their way to the dressing room where none other than TIM GUNN helped Jimmy change into Springsteen garb - blue jeans, white t-shirt, red bandanna in is back pocket - advising him to "Make it work!" A TIM GUNN CAMEO! AMAZING!

With their make-shift glee club intact, Jimmy and his misfit crew - dressed in the same black and red outfits from the Glee season one finale! - bombarded the stage to conclude their Bruce tribute. Sparks burst above the stage and the crowd erupted in cheer while I jumped up and down in my living room, thanking God for Jimmy Fallon. Was this the best Emmy opener ever? Watch it here:

RUNNER UP BEST MOMENT: George Clooney on Modern Family

Clooney, who received the Bob Hope Humanitarian award, appeared in a parody with the cast and writer's of Modern Family as they discussed possibilities for the shows future. The most popular idea among the ladies of ABC's Emmy winning Modern Family was killing off Ty Burrell's character and replacing him with George. Check it:

BEST DRESSED: Lea Michelle, Glee
Nominated for Lead Actress in a Comedy

The birthday girl (happy 24th!) who was nominated for her first Emmy last night, looked stunning per usual. Has she ever appeared on a "what was she thinking?!" list? I think not. Her taste is as impeccable as her voice.

RUNNER UP BEST DRESSED: Claire Danes, Temple Grandin
Won for Lead Actress in a Made-for-TV Movie

Angela Chase can do no wrong...even as a blond. Congrats on the win, Ms. Danes.

HOTTEST MESS: January Jones, Mad Men
Nominated for Lead Actress in a Drama

This looks like it belonged on the Project Runway catwalk at the end of the party store challenge from a few weeks ago. What's this thing made of? Painted coffee filters? Oh, I'm sorry, they're cocktail umbrellas, right? Don't even get me started on that atrociously wind-blown hairdo.

Won for Best Lead Actress in a Drama

It's great that Kyra won after four years of nominations and no trophy, but Scarlett O'Hara looked better in curtains. That's what the above dress is made of, right? Curtains? While giving her acceptance speech (and praising hubby, Kevin Bacon), her hair looked like dread locks. Also, did she buy those bracelets at Claire's? I don't understand.

Won for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy

This shouldn't have surprised anyone. Sue Sylvester is the snarkiest, most conniving, most ruthless character in comedy television. Her scene stealing lines are what make the show funny.

MOST DESERVING ACTOR WIN: Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory
Won for Best Actor in a Comedy Series

Bazinga! The nerd bomber beat Alec Baldwin! I repeat, Alec Baldwin did not win an Emmy for his outstanding role on 30 Rock. There's a first for everything. Jim Parsons has been nominated in the past for his role as Sheldon Cooper, nerd extraordinaire, on BBT. Last night's competition was super stiff, but Parsons' was a victory in the making. Most likely, Parsons can credit the shows constant increasing popularity. So popular, in fact, CBS moved it to the ever competitive Thursday night line-up this fall. Bazinga!

Nominated for Best Drama

Matthew Fox lost. Terry O'Quinn lost. Michael Emmerson lost. LOST lost and I am not pleased. How could the academy ignore the final season of this eclectic series? I'm heartbroken. I thought LOST was more than just a cult hit. I thought it was a phenomenon, a phenomenon deserving of serious cred. Guess not. Guess Jack Shephard will have to remain the winner in my heart and my heart alone. I guess I should start watching Mad Men and see what all the fuss is about. I guarantee I won't love it nearly as much as I love LOST. 

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