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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Start Watching This Now: 'Pretty Little Liars'

Here's a way to heat up your summer and bide your time while anxiously awaiting fall tv! ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars is an addictive mystery/thriller about the most beautiful teenage girls I've ever seen that will surely keep your pathetic rear-end on the edge of your seat.

After the disappearance of one of their best friends, a group of 16-year-old girls cope with the loss and the apparent haunting of their lost best friend while suffering high school, massive popularity and seriously hot boyfriends. After Allison's body is tragically discovered in her backyard (under the gazebo), she is somehow contacting her girlfriend's from the grave via text message, email and scandalous locker notes. Creepy! The girls - who have since parted ways - are reunited by the ghostly messages like the one they received at the funeral: "I'm still here bitches. And I remember everything. - A". AH!

The series started back in June, but I'm just now catching on. I'm only two episodes in so no spoilers please. A sad mix of boredom, NYLON magazines' tweets regarding it's undeniable awesome-ness and a need to escape into mindless, teenage drama is what lead me to Liars. It's no surprise I'm in love with the series. For a girl who still lives life according to The O.C. and who once swooned over the lives of the Upper East-siders on Gossip Girl, and who currently drools over The Vampire Diaries, this show is right up my alley. For serious. It's equal parts eye-roll worthy and cheesy with a pinch of romance, a slice of danger and a heavy handful of adolescent attitude.

The main characters are freakin' gorgeous. Don't watch the show if you're easily envious. I've never seen prettier 16-year-olds, but I guess that's the point considering the title. They wear tons of makeup. They own killer wardrobes. Their style is impeccable, hair is perfection. The moms are all undeniable MILFs. Their bedrooms are huge and elaborate, fit for queens. Bottom line: the girls are spoiled brats with deep, dark secrets that I'm sure I'll soon begin to discover. It's apparent they all know something about the death of their long lost bff. 

Of course there's romance, too. One of the girls wants the preachers son. One wants her English teacher who is freaking sexy as hell. One wants her older sisters' British fiance. And the other wants the new girl in town...even though she has a boyfriend.

Even better yet, the show fits right in with my current and past fave shows by incorporating a kick-ass soundtrack. A fresh new song by an artist you've most likely never heard of plays approximately every other minute.

I'm dying to know how Allison died! Is she really dead? What secrets are these girls hiding? I'm hooked. I'm so hooked. More to come as my Pretty Little Liars watching continues!

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