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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Total Eclipse of My Heart

Everyone has their guilty pleasures. Mine consist of American Idol, The O.C. (yes, I still watch it on Soap Net) and the Twilight Saga. I hate that I like it. Acutally, I don't think I even like it. I love to hate it. It's cheesy and ridiculous. The books are pathetically written, a sad attempt at literature. The acting at times is painful to watch, especially when Kristen Stewart mumbles every line. I'm too old to be interested, to be staying up so late to attend the midnight screening tonight, but peer pressure, curiosity and an undeniable crush on that damn Robert Pattinson lured me in.

I'm so excited to see this stupid movie and I'm so embarrassed at how excited I am. I'm fully aware of how seriosuly uncool this makes me. So be it. My ticket was purchased two months ago - the day the advanced tickets went on sale at the local theater. At least I'll be in the company of fellow Twi-hards including my sis, my cousin, my bff and a few Team Edward junkies from work, not to mention four movie theaters full of screaming adolescent girls adorned in Twilight paraphernalia. I'll be wearing my "Every girl needs her vampire" tee while swooning over Jacob's abs and Edward's sultry stare. I may or may not squeal when that teen vamp first appears on screen. I'll love it and I'll hate it and I'll tell everyone tomorrow how silly those Twilight fans are, pretending I don't care. But I do. I hate that I do.

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