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Monday, June 28, 2010

Introducing Alcide Herveaux

Let's give a round of applause to the True Blood casting director for choosing the delectable Joe Manganiello to play Alcide Herveaux, Sookie Stackhouse's season three werewolf protector.

120883_true-bloods-joe-manganiello-seen-sporting-some-serious-abs by True Blood Spanish.

My hopes were high that the actor chosen to portray the werewolf would fulfill the significant role created by author of the book series, Charlaine Harris. Despite my love for Mr. Northman and my undying desire for him and Sookie to GET IT ON, after last night's introduction of the heartbroken werewolf with the dark hair and pretty eyes, I'm ok with him wooing Sookie while Bill's missing (and Eric's off buying expensive cars for Lafayette).

While reading Harris' books I was never fully convinced that Sookie should have the hots for Alcide. I was far too distracted by Eric and physically shaking with irritation that she didn't jump his dead bones the minute Bill disappeared. Her whining about him being gone is so annoying, isn't it? What do you want with that silly vampire when there's a gorgeous dead Viking begging you to invite him into your home so he can have "passionate, primal sex" with you? Get it together, Ms. Stackhouse!

I was hoping the Alcide on the show would have a different effect on me and by golly did he ever. Tall, dark, handsome, warm-blooded and very much alive and capable of basking in sunlight with Sookie, he's going to be a fair match for that Viking love of my life. Hate to spoil the fun, but if you watched last night's ep, you know Sookie and Alcide have chemistry.  The wolf - whose daddy has a debt to pay with Eric - has been assigned to keep Sookie safe while accompanying her to Mississippi to find Bill, who has been kidnapped by the nerdy, homosexual vampire king.

Sookie is going to develop the "Bella Swan New Moon syndrome." It goes a little something like this:  in the absence of her vampire boyfriend, the damsel finds herself in the company of a big, warm, cuddly werewolf hunk and suddenly all she wants is to be wrapped in his arms. Suddenly the idea of someone to wake up next to, a guy who will make you blueberry pancakes for breakfast, a guy whose heart beats, who isn't immortal, who she could share an actual life with – biting not included – sounds really appealing. Yes, he might howl at the moon and turn into a ferocious beast every once in awhile, but so what?

At this point I'm just anxious to see my girl Sookie get it on with anyone other than that doodle dud, Bill. I'm also anxious to see Alcide without a shirt on. Oh, True Blood, summer would be so dull without you.

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