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Monday, June 8, 2009

Brush Your Teeth, Gross Mouth

After 22 years of perfect teeth, I finally have my first cavity. Times nine. That's right. I have nine cavities. Well, eight cavities now since I got one drilled and filled last week. That's right. Just one. I told the dentist, "Look, Doc. For financial reasons I can only afford to get one tooth fixed. No job means no dental insurance, which means eight cavities have to wait. So pick the worst and drill away."

He chose a molar on the bottom right. I'm not going to lie, I was maybe a tad nervous. I mean, I've never had a cavity. Ever. I never had braces, either. I was born with perfect, straight teeth much to my sister's dismay. She was a brace-face for several years and to this day sleeps with a retainer. Gross... The most amount of dental work I've had was getting my wisdom teeth pulled a few years ago. That didn't hurt, though. It was actually fun. I loved the laughing gas and the pain killers and the laying in bed eating nothing but pudding and ice cream for three days.

I had no idea what to expect as I sat in the dentist chair. I was prepared for the worst and the decorations in the office weren't helping. Apparently the dental hygienist is obsessed with wolves. There was a wallpapered wolf border around the entire room, stuffed wolves sitting amongst the dental gear and the hygienist was wearing wolf smocks. Those wolves were eyeing me, laughing at me, knew the pain I was about to endure.

Before I knew it, Dr. Babinski was coming at me with a giant needle. He pulled my cheek out and jammed that sucker right in. Amazingly, it didn't hurt! I didn't feel the slightest pinch! As I was revelling in the fact, my mouth and face started to tingle. Before long numbness spread from my cheek to my tongue to my lips and all over my gums. For fear of drooling all over myself, I was constantly checking the corner of my mouth, wiping away nonexistent saliva. What a strange sensation!

When my face and mouth were fully numb, Dr. B. started poking around in there with all sorts of stuff. I couldn't quite figure out what exactly he was doing. I kept my eyes shut for most of the experience. The Novocaine needle sort of freaked me out and I didn't want to see anything that scary enter my mouth again. Just moments later, Dr. B. sat up, pushed that blinding dentist light out of my eyes and told me he was all set. Really? That quick? That's it? I didn't feel a thing! And still wouldn't feel a thing for the next couple of hours. My face stayed numb longer than I thought it would. I was pulling and pinching and biting my lips and cheek and chin for what seemed like hours until finally that tingling came back.

After getting my first ever cavity filled I feel brave and tough, like I finally fit in. I finally feel like I'm part of the club, like I finally have something in common with the rest of the world. Cavities are cool, man! Everyone's got 'em! Perfect teeth are boring!

Brb, I gotta brush my teeth...

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  1. This makes me nervous, I have never had a cavity either but I also haven't been to the dentist in like two years...uh oh.