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Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day (the Gay Way)

I celebrated the Fourth of July on a rooftop in Manhattan with a handful of fairy godfathers and a bottle (or 2...or 3...) of champagne. No one makes me feel more fabulous than the hottie in the fedora pictured below.
To top the weekend off, Lady Gaga (yes, THE Lady Gaga) commented on one of my pictures on Facebook. This is not a joke. I thought it was a joke when the hottie in the fedora pictured above called to tell me the news. "No way," I said. "She did not. This is a joke, right?" Hottie in the fedora replied, "No! She did! I'M SERIOUS! YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT!" I did check it out. Now you have to check it out. It's super awesome. Click here.

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