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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vampire Diaries Execs Search for Klaus (I vote Brody)

Entertainment Weekly’s resident Vampire Diaries fanatic, Mandi Bierly (who should hands down be my best friend), recently announced on EW.com that the show’s producers are currently searching long and hard to find the perfect actor to portray the character of Klaus - the oldest, meanest and most dangerous vampire in the Diaries world.

Viewers (like yours truly) are eagerly anticipating Klaus’ introduction on the show. While we haven’t yet met the malicious fanger, we know he’s nastier than the stank of the garbage I just removed from my apartment. And that, my lovely readers, is a vile stank.

Apparently, well over 100 actors have read for the role, but no one has been cast.

If you check out the comment section following Mandi’s article, tons of readers posted who their desired Klaus would be. While many of the suggestions are fun (ie: Jason Dohring, Charlie Hunnam, James Franco, Jared Leto...) my favorite submission is a geeky chic blast from my beloved past. That’s right. Some genius reader suggested ADAM BRODY for the role of Klaus. AKA Seth Cohen. AKA love of my 17-year-old self’s life.

Klaus in skinny jeans and Death Cab tees? I’m all for it!

While execs from the show say they’re searching worldwide for the ideal actor (and I will admit an accented Klaus could totally work for me) and will most likely choose an unknown, Brody would continue Diaries status of hip, cool awesomeness. Maybe Brody isn’t the toughest dude, but if you saw him in Jennifer’s Body you know he can pull off creepy and sadistic (the guyliner helped). His sarcasm and wit alone would suffice. I’d love to see Damon try to keep up!

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