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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Need a Life

I'm pissed. Don't know why. Just am. I suppose I could make a list of things that are currently pissing me off. Like the fact that Adam Lambert didn't win American Idol. Or that I work in a stinky law office that bores me to tears. Literally. This place brings me to actual tears. Back to Adam Lambert for a sec. He obviously didn't need to win the lame title because he's better than Fox. Better than those dumb judges. Better than Ryan Seacrest and he will therefore go on to much bigger and much better things (after the lame-ass American Idol tour this summer, that is). However, he deserved to win more than the little bozo who did. I prefer the black nail polish, leather and guy-liner more than the acoustic guitar and dimples. Puh-lease. I wanted Adam to win like I wanted Obama to win. Come on, America. Get with the program. But I digress.

I'm pissed that it's gorgeous outside and I should be laying in the sun trying to get a tan as opposed to sitting inside a stinking office getting goosebumps. Not my idea of a fun time. Laying in the sun is dangerous, though, since I burn easily thanks to the medication I'm on. What medication? Oh, just the stuff to make the swelling go down in my arthritic knees. What?! Arthritis at 22? Uh huh. And the medication that's keeping me out of the sun doesn't even seem to be working anymore since I have a grapefruit-size lump sticking out behind my right knee. Sexy, right? I think not.

I applied for a few jobs this morning in hopes of getting hired and leaving Colchester and making new friends and doing something, anything with my life. I need a miracle in order for that to happen. Get hired? Yeah, right. After sending my resume and a cover letter that basically begs folks to please, dear God, hire me, I rewarded myself by playing countless games of Bubble Spinner. Bored? Have some time to kill? Sick of reading my dumb blog? Click here: http://www.deadwhale.com/play.php?game=774. Warning! Once you start, you won't be able to stop. I dare you to beat my high score of 1,889.

I need a change. I need an adventure. I need an idea. I cannot, will not spend my summer like this. Someone, please snap me out of this pathetic, miserable, feeling-sorry-for-myself mood. Kick me in the ass and get me out of this rut! I'm just like Meggie...

"Yet she was young; at times like this, staring at herself in the ashes-of-roses dress, she wanted to feel, wanted emotion to blow over her like a strong, hot wind. She didn't want to plod like an automaton for the rest of her life, she wanted change and vitality and love." - The Thorn Birds

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