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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Protecting Myself From 'Glee' Toilet Chatter

I haven't been writing and I owe my readers, especially my number one fan (my mom), a super huge apology. I promise I'll be back with a ton of posts soon. There's a lot going on in the wild and crazy world of Jenny from the Blog. Things are finally coming together for this gal! I'm sorry that in the process of gettin' it together I've neglected you.

So, I'll do my best to make it up to you. As I re-introduce myself to the blogosphere, I bring you a fantastic story that I know you're going to enjoy. . .

Part of the reason I've been MIA is because I recently moved to a big city and started a cool new job at an up and coming website. Awesome, right? I feel so modern and hip and grown-up!

This afternoon I ran to the ladies room before taking off for the Thanksgiving break. All of the stalls but one were filled so I jumped into the vacant one. A group of other girls in the other stalls were in the midst of discussing last nights episode of Glee

Now, in addition to the move and the new job, add to the mix a brand new apartment - an apartment that is still without a television. How am I surviving? Not entirely sure, but I do intend on buying an HD-TV on Black Friday with the little amount of money I have leftover from first months rent, the security deposit, the brokers' fee, my monthly metro card, etc. Whatever, a good television is mandatory.

So anyways, the girls are talking about Glee, which I of course missed since I am sans television. I had no idea who these ladies were, as the up and coming website employees a lot of people, many of whom I haven't yet met.

This is what I overheard:

"Did you finish watching Glee last night?"
"Yeah! It was so good! It was sad, but so great!"

I became frantic. Good?! Sad?! What the heck did I miss? What was I to do? They were going to ruin it for me! I could NOT allow them to continue this Glee toilet chatter. Their conversation needed to end before I swirlied myself into oblivion. How could I escape this tragedy?

Well, I did what any Gleek would do in my position. I swallowed my pride, took a deep breath and shouted from my stall at the end of the row, "NO SPOILERS!"

Silence. Not even a laugh. Not even a forced laugh. Just silence.

And then a quiet, questioning, "Ha...who is that?"

Me: "Ha! Ha! Ha! It's Jenny!" (As if they have any idea who Jenny is.) "Sorry! I missed the ep!"


Alas, I made an ass of myself, all in the name of Mr. Schuester.

I hope you've missed me. I hope you're glad to have me back. I hope you want to hear more about my exciting new life in this big city. Cross your fingers I don't get stampeded at Walmart as I attempt to purchase said HD-TV.

As I excuse myself to watch "Furt" I leave you with this fun clip from a recent Glee episode (hope you love the rendition as much as I did!):

Fun fact! Glee's cover of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" is now the shows fastest selling single to date, blowing "Don't Stop Believin'" out of the water.  Do it, Blaine!

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