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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Searching for Dexter, Take 2

The hunt for Dexter Morgan lives on! This morning I woke to an email from a second guy who dressed as my fave blood spatter expert this Halloween. Good morning! Unfortunately, he's not my Dexter. Like Danny S., he went with Dexter's "kill" look as opposed to his everyday, pretend-he's-a-normal-dude look. Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with the television series, please don't get the wrong idea. My mother, for instance, is absolutely horrified. I tried to explain that Dexter is a good serial killer. For whatever reason she couldn't comprehend that and fears I'm inviting a serial killer to hunt me.

My new guy attached pictures of himself in his kill suit (calm down, mom) to his email, which, as you can see, he addressed to Rita. LOVE! His costume rocks. Thanks for sharing, Dex! Check out his note and costume here:

Dear Rita, 

I live in Williamsburg and I was also parading around as Dexter Morgan. I doubt I'm the man you ran into, but I thought I would send you some pics. Please enjoy!

- Dex
Tonight's the Night

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