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Monday, November 15, 2010

Samantha's 'Vampire Diaries' Text Message Commentary

I FINALLY convinced someone to watch The Vampire Diaries and I could not be more pleased with her reaction. She's been texting me her thoughts on the blood, drama and sex appeal of the show every step of the way.

Samantha, thank you for having faith in me and trusting me when I told you Vampire Diaries was totally worth your time. As an avid Edward Cullen/Eric Northman fan, I knew you'd fall fast and hard for the Salvatore brothers. As I mentioned to you earlier, your Vampire Diaries commentary text messages are my favorite thing in my life right now. Keep 'em coming, girlfriend.

I've decided to string said text messages together for entertainment purposes. Keep in mind, these text messages blew up my iPhone in a matter of maybe one week. WARNING: Sam tends to overuse exclamation points. Don't be frightened. She's a jolly, jubilant gal with lots of much-appreciated pep. See below:

  • Ok, so Vampire Diaries gets a huge thumbs up
  • OMG! Yes yes yes! That's Boone right?
  • I like Matt - the ex bf.
  • OMG I love, I repeat, LOVE Vampire Diaries
  • I just watched the episode where Damon killed the teacher and Stefan made the football team
  • Vampire Diaries...can they revoke an invitation into the house? Like on True Blood? (NOTE: I also got this girl hooked on True Blood. She dressed as a Merlotte's waitress for Halloween. I'm so proud.)
  • OMG I'm so glad Vicki is dead and by the way and I love Lexy.
  • O. M. G. Damon. Stefan. I love them both in their own way! And yes, thank you Vampire Diaries for writing in that magic (re: Damon dancing around the house with his shirt off before turning Vicki into a vampire and killing her)
  • I really like Matt! Haha!
  • I'm a full on Stefan lover.
  • OMG DAMON KILLED LEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Seriously sad about Lexy...
  • I'm so sad for Damon. And Stefan and Elena and everyone at the end of this episode.
  • God, Damon is so HOT! I cannot even stand it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I kind of want them to get the tomb open.
  • OMG!!!!!! They all just went into the tomb, except Stefan
  • OMG I'm so sad for Damon. So so sad!!!!!!!
  • Stefan has a drug/blood problem! Uh oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!
  • Of course Damon steps in to escort Elena at the ball.... How chivalrous!
  • O.M.G. I love it!!
  • I'm so close to the finale!!!!!!!

We watched the finale together Friday night per my insistence. I wanted to witness her reaction to Catherine and Damon's kiss. A reaction to a scene of that caliber canNOT be translated in a text message. Sam's fingers would have broken at the attempt. She freaked like I knew she would. She is now onto season two. Here are her reactions thus far:

  • Damon is SO HOT!!!!!!!!
  • Ommmmmmmmggggggg Damon and Katherine.... Omggggggg!
  • OMG! She never loved him! It was always Stefan! WTFFFFFFFF? I'll love Damon.
  • I do NOT want Elena to HATE Damon! And I think Tyler's a werewolf or something!
  • He has to be something supernatural!!!!!!!!
  • Ok... I just finished ep 1 of season 2... I'll prob watch at least 2 more eps tonight haha
  • Ah to the werewolf thing! And I hate Katherine! And love Caroline as a vamp!
  • And I don't believe that Damon has lost Elena forever...
  • Katherine is a bitch and I hope Stephan kills her... I really thought he was gonna kiss her!!!!!
I'm SO happy to have someone to finish watching season two with :)

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