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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hooray for Administrative Professionals Week!

Today at work I was handed an envelope with a thank-you card and $50 inside! I asked, "What?! WHY?!" Apparently, this week is "administrative professionals week" or some such nonsense, and the lawyers felt the need to show their appreciation for me with 50 big ones. Yes, puh-lease! Not sure what great secretarial duties I did to deserve such a welcome addition to my wallet, but I'm not complaining. I send, like, one fax a day and answer maybe 10 phone calls between the hours of 9 and 4. Just call me Jenny, the super sexretary (um, what?! I mean secretary).

The surprising bonus just adds to my already terrific week. Yesterday I stayed home sick for the second day in a row. I had a nasty cold, but didn't mind because instead of working at the stinky law office, I watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Don't judge me! (I read the books when I was MUCH younger and was just curious to see how the movie matched up. I might have seen the first movie in theaters. Don't judge me!)

The forecast for the rest of my week looks bright, as well, and I mean that literally. The past few days have been cold, rainy and dreary (much like my nose was), but the weekend is going to change everything! Temperatures are supposed to be in the 80's Friday through Sunday. Woohoo! Bring on the sun and I'll bring on my bikini. This girl needs a tan! Yes, puh-lease!

Wonder what I'll spend my $50 on . . .

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