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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

OMFG! 10 Reasons to Watch 'Gossip Girl'

1. The Sex.
Ten bucks says the so-called "teenagers" in this show have a better sex life than you. They do it in the back of limousines, on top of bars and in the supply closet at school. Maybe you should be taking pointers.

2. The Upper East Side.
If you're anything like me and painfully miss New York City, then the simple passing of a yellow cab in a scene of Gossip Girl will warm your heart and soul.

3. The Fashion.
Oh, to own Serena's or Blair's closet! And then there’s Chuck Bass. No one dresses like Chuck Bass. Especially not high school students.

4. The Guys.
I've never seen anything like Nate Archibald. That hair! Those eyes! That smile! He's part Ken doll, part Abercrombie & Fitch model and a whole lotta sexy.

5. The Romance.
It melts my heart. Example: In the most recent episode Blair and Nate shared their first kiss (well, not technically their first kiss, but the first kiss of their newly rekindled relationship) in Central Park... in the snow. Nate surprised Blair. She thought she was just going to feed the ducks with her trusty maid, Dorota. Little did she know, Nate had called Dorota and asked her to bring Blair there (because it's her favorite place) so he could tell her how much she means to him and that he wants to be with her. *Sigh*

6. The Music.
The Virgins? Yes, please! The Ting Tings? Even better! Can't wait for OMFGG (Original Music From Gossip Girl) Volume 2! (http://www.omfgg.com/)

7. The Void It Fills.
Since The OC went off the air in 2007, there has been a hole in my life. Gossip Girl (created by Josh Schwartz who also brought us The OC) has filled that void and thus my life is complete. There might not be a Marissa Cooper or a Ryan Attwood in Manhattan, but Serena VanDerWoodsen and Dan Humphrey do the trick.

8. The Grown-Ups.
The storylines of the Gossip Girl adults are just as romantic and exciting as the teens', maybe even more so. Rufus Humphrey has the hots for Lily VanDerWoodsen. He's been crushing on her since way back when he was a rock star. Problem is, their kids are in love, too. Oh, the drama!

9. The Ad Campaign.
Revel in the sheer genius of these raunchy ads! A big chunk of society thinks Gossip Girl is no good, tasteless garbage and therefore . . . you should should watch it!

10. The Actual Gossip Girl.
Voiced by the one and only Kristen Bell (a.k.a. Veronica Mars!), she’s the witty blogger behind the infamous Gossip Girl website. She makes the catty remarks and spreads the vicious rumors that destroy relationships. You know you love her.


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