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Sunday, March 20, 2011

You Go Girl

I often find myself falling in love with New York City all over again for the simplest and usually most random of reasons. Today was no exception.

Earlier tonight I was enjoying a delicious mix of margaritas and chips and guacamole at a Mexican joint on the Lower East Side with a very good friend of mine. As he told me about his plan to quit his amazing, yet non-rewarding job at a successful fashion company to pursue bartending and go-go dancing, I glanced out the window beside our table. This was likely done in an attempt to hide the fact from him that I was rolling my eyes uncontrollably. It's an impolite and nasty habit that I've been trying to break for some time now. My rolling eyes landed upon an inspiring display of graffiti so uplifting that I interrupted said friend's declaration of liberation from the world of handbags to point it out. It looked a little something like this...

An admirable city hooligan had painted "YOU GO GIRL" in thick black letters across the top of a building across the street from our restaurant. I would have taken a picture had it not been as far away as it was and had I not recently dropped my digital camera after a regrettable night of drinking my first and only Four Loko. This painted statement made my day. I wonder who the culprit was. Who felt the need to compliment and congratulate the ladies of the Lower East Side? I'd like to shake their hand.

Now, since this blog is strictly pop culture themed, I'll tell you that I think the above mentioned spray painting hooligan would have been proud of me for the purchase I made before heading to dinner. His or her "YOU GO GIRL" would have been directed at the jackpot I hit while thrift shopping with my go-go friend. I came across a pair of black oxfords poised elegantly amongst a pile of meager shoes. They immediately caught my eye and I snatched them from the table, admiring their impeccable condition and four inch heels. The saleswoman said they could be mine for a mere $15. After 3 seconds of debate, I asked her to hold them, exited the flea market, withdrew $20 from an ATM a block away, turned around, headed straight back to her and paid. 

I changed into them upon arriving at the restaurant and afterwards, strutted all the way home to Brooklyn in them. 

Part of the reason I love them so much is because of Taylor Swift. She's been photographed all over traipsing around in various styles of the classic shoe. And to that I say, YOU GO GIRL.

Taylor's Oxfords

Jenny's Oxfords

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