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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ale, Alejandro

There's no such thing as too much GaGa. Just thought I'd be so kind as to keep you up to date on the anti-christ of pop music.

Lady GaGa is breaking records left and right. Not exactly big news, but it's worth mentioning. Add these to the list of records she's already crushed.

"Telephone" recently hit #1 on pop charts. That makes Lady GaGa's sixth consecutive single to reach number one. SIXTH. IN A ROW. I do believe she's tied with Mariah Carey. Perhaps Ga's newest single "Alejandro" (Ale, Alejandro) will soon climb to the #1 spot and GaGa will rule the title, kicking Carey and her too-big jugs to the curb. That wasn't very nice. Sorry, Mariah. Your jugs really are too big, though. Just sayin'.

GaGa recently announced she was beginning to plan the music video to "Alejandro" (Ale, Alejandro). She refused to spill any details regarding it. "Are you absolutely mad?" was her response when asked what the vid would feature. Fans will be most hyped for "Alejandro" because they'll want to see how Gagaloo will ever top "Telephone"? I ask you with all honesty: can that even be done?

The video will surely get as much hype as her past ones, considering she just broke a record for most digital views of music videos. Ready for this? Lady GaGa's music videos have been viewed more than ONE BILLION TIMES online. How is that even possible? ONE BILLION.

And Donnie Osmond thinks she's too "provacative." Bite us, Donnie.

Oh, and one more thing, GaGa recently turned 24. Happy birthday, GaGa. Love, one of your little monsters.

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