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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bye Bye Betty

I love, love, love Ugly Betty. She's my best friend. Betty and I have so much in common, so when I watch the show, it really hits home. I understand firsthand what Betty is going through, whether it be something with her family or her job or a guy in life.

For instance, this season Betty moved out of her parent's house and got her own apartment in New York. Gee, sounds familiar. After a few months, she realized she missed her family and living away from them just wasn't working. On top of that, she was dealing with work and relationship issues and decided moving back home would give her an opportuity to screw her head on straight. Ditto, Betty!

Betty and I also have similar experiences in the heartache department. The girl has no trouble getting a date - despite her braces and mismatching and that stupid saying about boys not making paces at girls who wear glasses. She likes these guys just fine, but no matter what, she can't get that one guy out of her mind. Henry...(see pic below).

Betty gives her all to these various guys (as she does everything in her fabulous, brightly colored life). She falls hard and gives them her heart without holding back. She's very optimistic - one of her most admirable qualities - but the guys end up crushing her one way or another. They either abruptly decide they have to leave and join the Peace Corps where they'll be spending a year in some African country...or they sneak around with gorgeous starlets simply to better their reputation even though they genuinely like Betty and want to be with her, but only in secret...or they're just not that into her, despite her lovable charm and wit.

I can only hope that the writer's will choose to bring back Betty's prince charming in the final epsiode. Yes, sadly, Betty has been cancelled (and thus my world will turn a bit grayer since America has failed to recognize the amazingness that is this show) and there are only a few epsiodes left. Perhaps Betty will end up with someone new, though I can't see there being enough time for the writers to introduce a new guy into Betty's chaotic world. There just isn't enough time left for that to be feasible and believeable enough for fans to appreciate and/or accept. Maybe she would be better off on her own. Guy or no guy, Betty is a strong, independent, marvelous example of a young, modern, working woman. (Add that to my list of reasons why I love her.) However, Betty fans all over would melt at the sight of Henry returning to whisk Betty off her feet so they can runaway into the sunset together. Her one true love. No matter who else she was dating, Henry could come back into the picture and suddenly no other guy existed or mattered. All that mattered was him. He was irresistible. Betty's only weakness. Ah, Betty, our similarities are never ending.....

Betty and Henry forever

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