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Monday, March 15, 2010

Paramore Meets Idol?

I'm sorry, but the resemblance is uncanny. Not only does American Idol's Siobhan Magnus (left) kinda look like Paramore's Hayley WIlliams (right), but she's got a set of pipes that just might be a match for the rock band's leading lady. Perhaps it's Siobhan's quirkiness that first alerted me of the similarities. Maybe it was the way she opened her mouth and belted out Aretha Franklin's "Think" - a huge song for such a tiny chick.

Williams is another tiny chick with a heck of a voice. She leads Paramore with a force and bite that's rare among female vocalists today. Siobhan's no Hayley - don't get me wrong. She lacks the attitude Williams needs to pull off performances like THIS. Paramore's front woman would kill on Idol, I'm sure of it. Who knows what the sassy redhead thinks of the show. She's probably waaaaay too cool for it and I totally understand why. Regardless, maybe she'd like Siobhan. Maybe she'd agree that the adorable 19-year-old is making the ninth season of America's favorite reality show a bit more interesting.

Despite my pride, I can't resist Idol. Truth be told, this season sucks. The show is nothing without Adam Lambert. There's no glam, no surprises, no fantastic singers. How can anyone top his rendition of "Tracks of my Tears" or "Mad World" or anything else he sang? Even David Cook's version of Lionel Richie's "Hello" or "Always be my Baby" during Mariah Carey week in season 7 were better than anything we've seen so far in season 9.

However, I've got faith in this lovely lass from Cape Cod. I find her interesting. Her oddball demeanor is refreshing in a group of "seen 'em all before" contestants. She stands out. She does what she wants. And she's good at it. The New England-er is a glass blower. She used to have a mohawk, which she shaved herself. The girl is intriguing. As Simon Cowell said, she really is "a funny little thing."

I'm no Idol nut like my mom, (she teared up during this season's premiere), but I find myself watching despite my distaste in America's obsession with the program. Enough already. We found our Kelly Clarkson. We found our Adam Lambert. What more do we need? Perhaps Siobhan will continue to wow and surprise Idol fans. Keep her around a little bit longer, America. She's keeping us on our toes. And, quite frankly, season 9 needs her.

You go, girl.

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