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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sawyer Swoon

Sawyer. He's been MIA the past few episodes of LOST. Last we saw him he was guzzling Dharma whiskey and mourning the death of his beloved Juliet.

In the show's final season, I was really beginning to miss him. Especially considering there's only so few chances left to ooh and aah at the island's resident misunderstood bad boy. Last night's ep featured said con man and, my word, did it EVER. The man has NEVER looked so good. I've always been more a Jack fan myself. And of course I Boone swooned (like every other female watching the show). But Sawyer was never my first pick until last night. I don't know what's taken me so long. 

This week we got to see two version's of the heartthrob. On the island he was as rough and tough as ever, sweaty and sandy and unshaven with his shirt unbuttoned...uhhnnnn. Meanwhile, the "sideways world" featured a clean cut James Ford (as a cop!) rolling around in bed with various women. In this world he was hot and sweaty and wrapped up in bed sheets. Yes, please.

At one point my mom, who I was watching the show with, said, "My God, look at him!" I said, "Look at him? I can't peel my eyes away! I can't stop looking!"

I can only hope future episodes - there's only 8 left! -  feature more Sawyer. I can't get enough.

Are you Sawyer swooning now, too?

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