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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jimmy & Ashton's Water War

Seriously, who's idea was this and why can I not have a job that requires such creativity?

This week on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon invited guest Ashton Kutcher to play a game he called "Water War". It's just like the card game, War, but the winner of each round gets to throw a full glass of water in the other player's face.

Ashton won the first round and gladly soaked Jimmy.

Jimmy beat him in the second card flip. **When watching the video below, please pay special attention to how demonically excited Jimmy is to throw water in Ashton's face. It's uh-mazing.**

Unfortunately, Jimmy lost in every other round of the ridiculous game and got face-full after face-full after face-full of water.

For whatever reason, this stupid segment brought me into such a fit of hysterics that I watched it and then immediately rewound it and watched it again. Alone. Laughing my ass off. Enjoy, friends. Let me know what you think.


  1. oh I'm so pissed. The video can only be watched in the USA.
    I'm sure I'd be ROFL.