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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey, I made you a mixtape: 2/14

When I think of Valentine's Day, I think of this:

So sue me.

In honor of the above scene and the aching of the heart that I'm currently suffering, I decided to express myself in a mixtape. To top it off, I've uploaded each of the songs to one of my favorite websites: 8tracks.com The site is a collection of thousands of homemade mixtapes - one of my most favorite things in the world - that you can listen to free of charge. My Valentine's Day mix for you is the official first uploaded mix by yours truly.

I know this is a holiday that doesn't count, created by Hallmark, designed to mostly make people feel like crap. It's silly and overrated and if anyone ever gives me a balloon on Valentines day, I'll pop it immediately. Flowers? Love 'em. Chocolates? I'll take it. But a freakin' balloon that says "Be Mine"? POP!

Everybody's (no? He's just mine?) favorite blue-eyed former LOST hunk, current villain vampire tweeted it best this morning. He said "Happy VD everyone! A corporate holiday nonetheless a conspiracy of florists and chocolatiers, but a great excuse to show love. So just hug someone!" (NOTE: If Ian Somerhalder bought me a Valentines Day balloon, I would NOT pop it.) You don't have to like the day, but there's nothing wrong with spreading a little love.

There's about 5 hours left of February 14, 2011. I'm still no ones valentine. Be mine...?

While you're contemplating the offer, click on the mixtape below for a valentine from me to you...

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