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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Warblers Can't Pay My Automo' Bills

How many times did I listen to Glee's fantastical version of the classic Destiny's Child ditty "Bills, Bills, Bills" today? I lost track after 16.

Keep in mind this was a back to back to back (x16) listen. As if that's not embarrassingly bad enough, I PAID to download The Warblers' version via iTunes on my iPhone while suffering through my morning at work. Despite my affection for all things pop culture-y, paying for music is unfortunately not my forte. It's too expensive and far too simple to share and illegally download. I know, I know. Arrest me!

The song only cost $1.29 and it was totally worth it. My coworker bff was listening to it on his iPod next to me (and singing along and dancing in his chair and creating quite a ruckus amongst our side of the office) and I was so jealous, I couldn't stand it. My purchase turned out to be the highlight of my day week. Not only have I mastered the lyrics to this oldie but goodie, but I've realized my new pet peeve: "triflin', good for nothin' type of brothas." Silly me, why haven't I found another? Sorry! Arrest me!

As much as I enjoyed this cover, as I did The Warblers' take on Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" (the fastest selling Glee song EVER), there's something fishy about these boys. Agreed? Why are they so nice? Their charm upsets my stomach. All that smiling and positivity? Bull shit, I say!

Kurt needs to make a run for it asap. I know he's got the hots for Blaine (and who doesn't?), but I've got a feeling Blaine is a triflin, good for nothin' type of brotha. Run back to McKinley, Kurt! Run!

I'd love to hear your opinion. Think The Warblers are as creepy as I do? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! But first, watch and admire this performance, despite the creepiness of those red-trimmed jacket-wearing boys:

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