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Thursday, February 24, 2011

James Franco Adds "Tweeter" to Resume

And suddenly all is right in the world.

It's the one thing James Franco wasn't doing. With all that Oscar hosting and soap opera starring and short story writing and arm sawing, one can understand why he didn't have time to enlighten us with his 140 character-length thoughts. Alas, he has fit the Twitter-verse into his hectic schedule! Thanks, James!

For whatever reason, he mostly posts pictures and random videos and to be honest, I don't frequently have the patience to wait for these links to open on my iphone 3GS. Luckily, I chose to open one of his many URL's, maybe because it was accompanied by the caption "cat nap". Regardless, it took my breath away...

Marry me, Mr. Franco?

cat nap

I just want to be in this picture!

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