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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Maybe I'm just crazy, crazy for you baby

Some may say Best Coast's leading lady, Bethany Cosentino, has no pride the way she brutally confesses her undying love for some guy who just doesn't feel the same. Track after track on the band's debut album, (appropriately titled) Crazy For You, Bethany holds nothing back, admitting she spends her days and nights wasting away, pining over him. It's borderline whiny, obnoxious and almost embarrassing.

Others might argue that this blatant outpouring of emotion proves that she's got a lot of courage. That kind of honesty takes a lot of guts. So does being so persistent. Good for her, I guess, knowing what she wants, right? Or maybe she should move on, find someone who feels the same. But, hey. What do I know?

Bottom line is Best Coast's lyrics are fun and sweet, accompanied by plenty of oohs and aahs in all the right places. Crazy For You is a breezy bash of surfer rock that The Beach Boys would likely enjoy. I myself am a fan of the this band's ease and simplicity and the painful desire for summer that erupts in me as I sing along. I also appreciate the relate-ability of pathetic Bethany's words...

The sun was out, I thought I was fine, 
But then you slipped into my mind.

Cute, right?

What killllllssssss me about Bethany is she's so convinced that she and this guy are perfect for each other and that they should undoubtably be together. She makes it sound like him accepting her love and fulfilling all her hoping and wishing and dreaming is the simplest thing in the world. I love that. I also despise that. I hate it because while listening to her, all I think is, damn she sounds like me. The worst lines pop up at the end of 'Each and Every Day', my favorite track thus far:

Every day I wake up and I thank the stars above,
For sending me a man who I can really love,
If only I could convince you to feel the same way,
We could be so very happy each and every day, each and every day, each and every day.

PATHETIC. Bethany, that's not love! How could you truly love him, knowing he doesn't love you? I need to stop this rant before it goes any further. I could continue for days. Instead, I'll provide you with two of Best Coast's official music videos. They're fun and adorable. One's directed by cats. The other features the king of the golden arches.

Perhaps I'll get the chance to discuss my issues with Best Coast's boy troubles when I see them tomorrow night at Webster Hall. Ha!

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