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Monday, September 27, 2010

Dissecting a Mondo

Project Runway fans, I ask you,WHAT IS A MONDO?! I am entirely perplexed by this unique creature surfacing as season eight's dark horse.

Nice socks, hot stuff!
With Casanova dismissed and Gretchen's constant conceit (and braids) boring me to death, Mondo has swiftly become the contestant with the mostest. I haven't the slightest idea what he is. He's a tiny thing with an absurdly unique sense of style. Bow-ties? Check. Suspenders? Check. Booty shorts? Check. He consistently (and amusingly) stays true to himself by reflecting his personal style on the runway, often displaying surprising garments that make bold statements in comparison to his competition. Mondo's quirky, loud, colorful aesthetic adds much appreciated life to the runway week after week.

As the lucky winner of last week's hefty $20,000 prize, Mondo proved to his opponents that they best watch out. He may have been criticized in previous weeks for creating tacky, cheap designs lowly enough to be sold at Forever 21 (gasp!), but his neon plaid hot mess of a couture ball gown thing dazzled Nina and Queen Kors. (Side note: Were they really serious about loving Gretchen's old lady hippy look? Like, really?)

Mondo's winning creation worth $20,000
My initial distaste for Mondo decreases each challenge. My love for him blossomed when he gave credit to Michael Costello and admitted he was wrong in thinking Michael C. was incompetent. He admitted he was wrong to misjudge the guy. Meanwhile, every other designer treats poor Michael C. like a pin cushion (pun intended!) who they constantly stab with insult and "you can't sew!" accusations. Mondo appears to be a team player. He has yet to fight with anyone (Michael C. not included). Mondo reminds me of last season's winner, Seth Aaron. Like Seth, Mondo keeps his cool, doesn't involve himself in drama and clearly portrays himself in each design he creates. So far he seems to know who he is and what he likes and he won't change that. Therefore, he's earned my respect.

Mark my words, this little monkey man will show a line at New York Fashion Week at the end of the season. Go Team Mondo!

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