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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Haiku for Alexis Krauss

Drank too much whiskey,
Alexis made me dance, scream,

I would write a better concert review if I knew how. Instead I chose to provide you with a simple haiku to express my feelings on the Sleigh Bells show I attended last Monday at New York City's Webster Hall.

Alexis Krauss, captured w/ my iPhone
I was lucky enough to score a ticket to the sold out show. Roughly 350 tickets were available for the intimate setting at Webster Hall's Studio. Intimate, yet raging setting I should say. Before the show I drank too much as I was over-excited to be hanging with friends I rarely see and also because I wanted to soften the blow in case I bumped into my ex who was rumored to be in attendance. Though I somehow avoided contact with him, I have no recollection of sweet-voiced singer Alexis Krauss crowd-surfing at the end of her set. I'm not proud of this.

I do, however, remember her grabbing my hand. My drunken cohorts pulled me to the front of the crowd. Seeing as though I'm 6-feet tall, I was an easy reach for Alexis from the stage. I'm fully aware that I'm a tool for thinking this is awesome, but my friend Jenna was equally as pumped. Every time Alexis grabbed my hand Jenna screamed, "JENNY, SHE GRABBED YOUR HAAAAAAND!!!!!!!" as if she were the Queen of England or Lady GaGa or something.

Jenna, far right
Sleigh Bells is unlike anything you've ever heard or seen. An in-your-face mix of pop, punk rock and hip-hop, Sleigh Bells won't sit well with the light of heart. On a stage the size of a freaking dining room table rocked Ms. Krauss (as her fifth-graders called her) and Derek Miller (guitar in hand) jamming in front of six giant amps. The low ceiling made the tiny studio that much smaller and the sound of Sleigh Bells' obnoxious tunes that much more intense. The entire set lasted just 35 minutes, as the band has just one album. You know nothing until you've seen this unique duo live. It was by far the fastest, wildest, most fun show I've experienced. It was like being on a ride at an amusement park - so much fun, but nearly long enough. I want to jump back in line and do it all over again!

Watch Sleigh Bells perform "Crown on the Ground" below and tell me how badly you wish you had been there with me:

* see my (newly brunette) head @ 2:57 *

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