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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lose 10 Pounds Fast with the Dexter Diet

I'm a genius. No, really. This is fantastic. I've come up with the ideal weight loss plans for television addicts. I call it the Dexter Diet.

Don't subscribe to Showtime? Never seen Dexter? Perfect. Go to Blockbuster (if you're still stuck in the stone age like myself) or rearrange your Netflix que (if you are so much cooler than I) and get your hands on Season 1. The show is as gory as True Blood minus the vamps, of course. Therefore, it's not as sexy, definitely not as sexy, but gory. And it's not, like, sexy blood. This isn't Eric feeding off Sookie's fairy juice. This is real death - brutal murders, gallons upon gallons of innocent blood and psycho killers. Yum!

I tried to eat popcorn (for dinner) while watching the second episode of season one. I started gagging. The most I could manage was to drink water. I didn't feel hungry for hours after I finished the first disc. This show kills your appetite.

Since Dexter is quite possibly one of the best television series I've had the privilege of sinking into, it's nearly impossible to peel your eyes from it. I flew through the first season. While flying through, I hardly ate. I grabbed quick snacks in between trips to Blockbuster for each new disc. The fifth season starts tomorrow. So, folks, you've got four seasons of the Dexter Diet ahead of you.

Like I said. Genius.

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