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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jenny & Jenna for 'Veronica Mars: The Movie'

That's my friend Jenna and I. A few years ago we were college roommates. During our year of living together we totally bonded over Veronica Mars. Ever heard of it? If not, you need to do some research and watch what you've been missing. Jenna and I watched the entire three seasons in maybe two weeks. We'd go to classes during the day, did what we had to, saw our boyfriends for a hot second, then we'd buy a bag of Ruffles and a jar of french onion dip from the school store and hustle our asses up to our fourth floor dorm room (overlooking the quad!) where we'd get comfy on the futon for hours of VM. We refused to retire until it was 4am and our eyeballs bled. I think we averaged three or four episodes a night. 

Veronica was our hero. We despised Duncan. We adored Logan. On Valentines Day we decorated our dorm door with big red and pink hearts with "Logan Echolls" written across them in fancy cursive. Our borderline obsession got us through the winter months. It gave us something to look forward to after long days of boring lectures and stuffy professors. 

Thus, the other day when I saw Kristen Bell's (aka Veronica Mars) tweet about a Facebook group dedicated to creating a Veronica Mars movie, I jumped at the opportunity to support the cause. Jenna felt the same when I shared the plan with her. The creator of the Facebook group asks fans to photograph themselves holding up signs asking for a VM movie. Supposedly, this person is going to send the pics to some Hollywood exec in hopes of convincing him this cult show would prove to be a profitable movie.

Jenna and I got together this week to express our support. Since posting the picture above on that Facebook group's wall, 13 random people from all over the world "like" it. We aren't alone, Hollywood, so GET ON IT.

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