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Monday, September 13, 2010

End of Summer Movie Breakdown

Today my co-worker asked me if I had seen any good movies lately. Shockingly, I have! Even better yet, I've been highly entertained and satisfied with my recent theater visits. Here's the recap I delivered:

Going the Distance - -
It's a rom com (romantic comedy. duh.) that's equal parts rom and com, but the com is so good that it makes the rom tolerable to moviegoers who may not be big rom fans. Get it? Got it? Good. The always delightful Charlie Day cracked me up per usual. At one point (as he walked an old lady across the street discussing masturbation with her) I was so taken over by hysterics I couldn't breathe. However, it was Christina Applegate as Drew Barrymore's older, wiser sister who stole the show. The storyline here is believable in all its heartwarming, new love drama. Long distance relationships suck and Drew's and Justin's is refreshingly no exception. Drew delivers her best chick flick performance since Wedding Singer and Justin Long isn't just the Mac guy anymore. It appears he can act and cause me to...cry. Yeah, I cried. Whatever. Go see it. It's cute.

Machete - - 
Yeah, I saw it. I'm tough! And badass! I wear combat boots! This is not typically the kind of movie you would find me paying to see. For some reason I was curious and wanted to be a part of the reported madness of it. In my opinion, Machete is good, dumb fun that wasn't nearly as gory as I expected. Since seeing it a week ago, I cannot stop thinking about one scene in particular. Machete - the most evil, angry, expressionless dude you've ever seen - slashes some guy and then rips out his victim's intestine. He drags the intestine all the way down the hall and then holds onto it like a rope as he jumps out the window and busts through the window on the floor below. I was horrified and stunned and immensely impressed all at once. Gruesome? Definitely. Kinda cool in a sick effed up way? Yeah, totally. Go see it.

The Switch - -
I'm thankful for originality displayed in cinemas this summer. Examples include, but are not limited to: Inception, The Kids Are All Right, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. All were great, mostly because they were unique, not sequels, not remakes, and therefore, not yawn worthy. Like The Kids Are All Right, The Switch shined because it's forward-thinking. Becoming a single mom on purpose? Sperm donors? Jennifer Anniston! My, my, my! Sure the movie covers topics some might consider "racy" or "inappropriate". I thought it modern, genuine, fresh and fun. Jason Bateman has never been more lovable. Never. The Switch is another rom com, but it's so a-typical it's hard to categorize it as such. Bateman's character - a pessimistic, neurotic, closed-hearted businessman - accidentally dumps out the *ahem* sperm his best friend (Anniston) is planning on using to impregnate herself with. He refills the container with his own *ahem* ingredients... and blacks out. He doesn't realize his mistake until seven years later when he meets his son. SEE THIS MOVIE. [Disclaimer: This is more of a chick flick than Going the Distance. Proof: Jenna cried during the entire thing - funny parts, sad parts, happy parts. Constant tears flowed down her face.]

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