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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Band of Horses Can Play That Game

Well this is cute.

Southern rock band versus soul man! Over the summer Cee Lo Green covered Band of Horses' "No One's Gonna Love You." In retaliation, Band of Horses just covered one of Cee Lo's songs! Indie rock rage! Boo ya!

Actually, no ones angry.

Band of Horse's singer Ben Bridwell said the band has been wanting to pay tribute to their home state. They liked Green's song and felt it was only fair to return the favor. On the band's website he wrote:

“This began as a very random idea I had on my dad’s patio after we watched our beloved Georgia Bulldog football team get robbed of a win at the hands of the referees and LSU last year. I knew I wanted to pay homage to my favorite team in song but didn’t have any idea how to begin. Once I heard Cee Lo’s ‘Georgia,’ I was immediately smitten and figured that’s as good as any tribute to any state I’ve ever heard."

To make the event all the more exciting, the University of Georgia marching band aided Band of Horses in their rendition of the song. Marching band? Cool! Take a listen for yourself here:

Talk about merging genres. I can't decide if I love or hate these mix-ups. While I wasn't familiar with "Georgia," I'm a devout BoH fan and love the song Cee Lo covered. Hearing such a deep, soulful voice pour out Bridwell's lovely, haunting lyrics left me confused, but curious. Green's voice is undeniably fantastic, but is his version better than the original? I wonder what compelled him to cover the song. Whatever the reason, I like his taste in music. You can hear Cee Lo's take on "No One's Gonna Love You" here:

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