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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Song of My Saturday: "As if By Magic"

And although, you're the only home I know
As if by magic, thoughts of you are gone
And now, I'm keeping my head in the clouds
And it's not so tragic if I don't look down

La Roux's self titled album is an electro pop fantasy. Listen to it. Love it. Share it with friends.

The duo found fame with hit single "Bulletproof," which has been described as a modern day "I Will Survive" - precisely what this generation needs. While I love "Bulletproof" and it's tough chick theme, "As if By Magic" is my favorite track for it displays La Roux's vulnerability. It's not so easy being tough.

Vocalist Elly Jackson admits she isn't as thick-skinned as she seems. On this track, Elly is full of crap. She sings about not thinking of someone, of thoughts being erased "as if by magic." Obviously, hunny, thoughts of whomever you're singing about are NOT gone. Whomever she is singing about is actually the only thing on her mind. Stop lying to us, La Roux. I don't like liars.

Despite my frustrations, Elly's denial is the reason I find the song so appealing. Even though Elly says she's not thinking about him, she's admitting to thinking about him by singing the damn song. If only we could whisk away such thoughts so easily. If only it were that simple.

My favorite line of the song is most revealing of the truth, of Elly's reality. She cannot get this person off her brain and sadly, I don't think she wants to:

And in a parallel universe
It's me you can't resist

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