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Friday, October 8, 2010

in Caroline's Words: S2E5

"Hi, Mom."
- Newly turned vampire Caroline to her vamp-hatin' cop mom after revealing her fangs for the first time
Unfortunately, this week's new episode of The Vampire Diaries didn't offer a Damon zinger worth publishing. However, there's a new witty vampire in Mystic Falls who's giving Damon's mouth a run for its money.
Every time I watch this show I end up squealing and screaming like a lunatic. I don't know why! The show is just so good! This week the hootin' began when Caroline (above with the blood-stained lips...take that Jessica Biel. "Have you been bitten?") went ape-shit crazy on a couple of cops who were about to kill stud vamp bros, Damon and Stefan Salvatore. After biting and snapping a few necks in what was perhaps one of the top 3 goriest scenes of the shows 2 seasons, the once sweet, still blond Caroline looked at her cop mom (who was leading the double stud murder attempt), retracted her fangs and said, "Hi, Mom" like she was some innocent little girl who just got caught eating cookies before dinner, as opposed to some lunatic who just slaughtered two grown men with guns! HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAEEEEE! I LOVE Caroline as a savage, blood hungry beast. Her prior character was so blah, so boring, so tired. She is a million times more enjoyable nowadays. Agreed?!

Despite his lack of wisecracks this week, Damon never lets me down. Don't even get me started on Damon. I live for Ian Somerhalder's blazing blue eyes and beyond brilliant delivery of his character's snide comments. Who writes this nonsense?! I ADORE you! For the record, at least five times an episode I say aloud to my television, "Look! At! Him! Just! Look! At! Him! How is anyone so beautiful?!" I'm not embarrassed by my lusting.
I tend to make a lot of noise while watching TVD. Besides swooning over Damon and laughing like a hyena, by shows end each week I have sucked all the air out of my bedroom, gasping, "HUAAUH!" as I'm utterly shocked by some twist in the plot. This occurred last night when we learned MASON LOCKWOOD and KATHERINE are sharing a SECRET LOVE AFFAIR! I thought werewolves and vampires hated each other! GIVE ME MORE! She's totally playing him, right? Right?! And he's totally enamored by her vamp beauty (as I am with Damon's) and this blindness will ultimately lead to his untimely death, right? RIGHT?!

Watch! this! show! IT KILLS.


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