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Friday, October 1, 2010

Can't Beat the Feeling that I Get When I'm with Kylie

In their review of Kylie Minogue's 11th album, Aphrodite, BBC music wrote:
Aphrodite is pure Kylie magic...Not liking this would be like not being keen on breathing. All hail!
That, my friends, is the honest to gosh truth.

My obsession began a few weeks ago when I awoke to an email from my bff with a link to a song called "Can't Beat the Feeling." He wrote: "This song reminded me of you..." My heart melted. How adorable is he?! I proceeded to listen to the song on constant repeat until I got my hands on the full album. Since experiencing Aphrodite my world shines brighter and there's a beat in my head that can't stop. Won't stop!

I ask you, please follow my lead and finagle a copy of Aphrodite. Release your inner gay man and indulge yourself! It's electro pop at its most fabulous with flashes of early Madonna wonderment and a touch of Aussie flare. Aprhodite will have you on your feet, shaking your rear like a moron, wishing you could express your love for Kylie to the world. I swear!

Kylie's come hither tones and girl power jams create a sense of other worldly enlightenment. Every song is as catchy as the last. It's one of those rare albums with intense listenability. I love finding an album that I can listen through entirely from the first song to the last with no desire to skip a track. I want to hear it all!

You have no reason not to explore the fabulousness that Kylie offers. And as she points out on the album, what's the point in living if you don't wanna dance?

Watch the awesome video for the fiercest promoter of girl power on the album here:

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