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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween, Dexter Morgan

Success! It's been a long and treacherous journey, but I've finally caught up. Tonight I will watch a brand new episode of Dexter live! No more avoiding spoilers, hiding in my room for hours with a serial killer. I'm moving on! Every chance I had this past week I was Dexter-ing it up, determined to finish by tonight. I love when he wears his salmon colored shirt. Don't you love that color on him? Season four nearly killed me. Watching the finale, I screamed. I cried. I gasped in horrified disbelief. I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it. Please do yourself the courtesy of catching up like I did. Dexter easily falls into the category of best television shows I've ever laid eyes on.

Last night while walking down the streets of Brooklyn en route to a bar and dressed as lame witch (last minute costume idea, my bad), I passed Dexter Morgan. This morning when I woke up I posted a Missed Communication on Craigslist in search of this mystery blood spatter expert lookalike. Why I didn't stop and ask to take a pic with him is beyond me. I was too stunned by the resemblance. I did, however, kick myself for not stopping him the rest of the night. The post looks like this:

Searching for Dexter Morgan in Brooklyn - w4m - 25 (Corner of N 11th & Bedford)

Date: 2010-10-31, 1:54PM EDT

I've recently become "Dexter" obsessed as my best friends insisted I watch the show. I finally caught up to the current season this week and have been experiencing emotional turmoil, having difficulty recovering from the season 4 finale.

Imagine my surprise when I nearly bumped into Dexter Morgan at the corner of N 11th and Bedford Ave last night. Well, it wasn't really Dexter, but someone dressed as him. He eerily resembled Michael C. Hall to begin with. He wore a Miami Metro ID badge around his neck, white collared shirt and had a baby doll attached to his side. I'm hoping he had a syringe in his back pocket and was wearing latex gloves.

I was caught off guard and my amazement kept me from saying hello. Instead I tripped over my own two feet while blubbering to my girlfriends that Dexter Morgan, blood spatter expert was walking by.

If you read this, Dexter guy, just know that I loved your costume and I wish I had stopped you and asked to take a picture with you. Also, I'd love to be your Rita next Halloween.

The real Dexter has yet to contact me. Obviously I'm not expecting him to. Mostly I posted this ridiculous thing because I joked about doing it last night. Hilariously, I did get a response from another "Dexter" whose real name is Danny S. See here:

i'm sorry i'm not the person you're searching for i wasn't even in brooklyn last night. but i thought it was funny cause i was also dressed up like dexter, except in his kill suit. what sucked tho is nobody got it. i had on the green henley thermal shirt he wears along with the green cargo pants and had red splattered on me. i think only one person all night guessed who i was. i even had somebody say i was from prison break (???) haha. anyways i thought it was funny. have a good one =]

Thank you, Danny S. You made my night.

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