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Monday, October 18, 2010

Meeting Jason Castro & His Dreads

Mohegan Sun hosted a free (!) event last week, inviting fans to an acoustic set by American Idol Season 7 third-placer Jason Castro. What a doll he is. For real. Listening to him pluck his yukelele while singing about blue birds flying high, I just wanted to pull his dreadlocks right out of his head! You're adorable! No matter how overly hairy your head might be!

My mom thinks his hair is scary. I find it to be absolutely positutely awesome. I didn't get close enough to notice if it smells or not, but whatever. It's his signature thing. What would he be without those dreads? Just another boy with a guitar singing about loving you, that's who. We don't need anymore of those, thank you very much.

I've been an avid Idol watcher since day one thanks to my mother. Nine seasons in, however, and there are a very limited number of songs on my iPod sung by alums of the ever popular singing competition. I can name the few select talents off the top of my head: Kelly Clarkson (obvi - whose iPod ISN'T she on?), Adam Lambert (duh), Michael Johns (I promise you that you want in on this Aussie and his cover of the BeeGee's "To Love Somebody"), David Cook (mostly because I earned great respect for him after his "Elenor Rigby" performance during Beatles week)...and that's where the list ends. I'm picky. Jason Castro found his place on my Idol playlist after the relase of his adorable single "Let's Just Fall in Love Again". One listen and thus, fandom began.

Julie & Jason
And thus, sis, mom and I ventured to the free (!) event. Despite my mom's dumbfoundedness of Mr. Castro's outrageous hair, she couldn't help but enjoy his performance. After the set - which was just darling, might I say - fans had the delightful opportunity to meet Jason, snap a pic and get an autograph. While waiting in line with my sister and I, my mom said she felt silly. She insisted she didn't want his autograph. But when the nice lady from the Mohegan Sun Public Relations department handed her a glossy pic of the musician, she decided she would have it signed and give it to someone who would appreciate it. Turns out, she had lots to say to Jason.

As I anxiously awaited my turn to gaze into those fiercely blue eyes, I overheard this conversation:

Mom: Hi! It's so nice to meet you! I loved watching you on Idol.
J.C.: Awww... (big grin)...thanks...
Mom: I loved when you sang The Beatles. And that means a lot coming from me.
J.C.: Awww...(big grin)...thank you, thank you. Which song did you like?
Mom: You did a terrific job with both, but I really liked "If I Fell."
J.C.: Awww, cool. (big grin) Thank you...so much...(big grin)

Leave it to her to bring up Paul McCartney. What else would she talk about? It's her favorite topic of conversation. Luckily, the dreadlocked dude seemed touched that a crazed Beatle fan paid him such a compliment.

My interaction with him was not as fortunate. As I stepped in front of Jason and looked down into those blue gems, I was tongue tied, dazed, sucked in and incapable of moving, speaking or breathing. I don't get star struck! Was it the dreads? I managed to pass him the picture and he signed it and then I walked away. No words were exchanged. Doesn't get much lamer, folks. It was pretty dread-ful. PUN INTENDED.

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