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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Peace, Love & GaGa

 Photo 09
Last night my mom surprised me with an unexpected gift. While thrift store shopping, she found a never before opened copy of John and Yoko's Double Fantasy LP. Actually, my sister deserves credit for spying the record in a pile of unwanted items in a corner of the store. It has the original plastic wrapping covering it and the original price tag. How could anyone have owned this, never opened it and then discarded it? It's beautiful. I'm appalled that it could go uncared for all these years, but I'm honored to now own it and promise to take very good care of it always and forever.
Ironically, I wasn't the only one in the presence of Lennons last night. Lady GaGa made a special appearance at Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon's We Are Plastic Ono Band concert at the Orpheum Theater in LA. Of course she did. I wish she would date Sean Lennon. They would be my favorite couple in the world.

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