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Saturday, May 8, 2010

GaGa, Lambert Fans Scammed

For the love of GaGa and Lambert!
A pair of hooligans in West Virginia scammed a mass of people into purchasing  tickets to a nonexistent Lady GaGa and Adam Lambert concert. The duo allegedly sold the tickets for $100 a pop and reportedly raked in over $17,800 in ticket sales for the phony show.
How dare someone take advantage of innocent fans' devotion for the glamtastic pop stars!
The 45-year-old men (get a life, seriously) are charged with one count each of obtaining money by false pretenses. They are denying the charges. At least 11 people filed police reports saying they never received their tickets for the phony concert in the mail, like they were told. Luckily, those 11 fans were refunded.
A self proclaimed GaGa/Lambert fanatic, I wholly understand the appeal of such a concert. It would be outstanding. However, supposedly several of the hopeful "concert-goers" purchased their tickets at one of the alleged criminals' hair salon. Um, why in the hell would tickets for a concert starring two incredibly successful artists be on sale in a HAIR SALON? I find it hard to believe that so many fans could be so naiive. GaGa and Glambert would be disappointed, but surely flattered. Perhaps they'll press charges themselves. We know how much GaGa adores her "little monsters." Perhaps the mother monster will earn some revenge for her suckered babies.

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